Swagger is so important

John Legend ft Andre 3000 - Green light
Sink or Swim?

New sound
New song
New cat scratches in the back of the afro!
LOL real talk!!
Big up Big sis on the piano too!!!



Jamin said...

sorry to start the comments ona negative but....

Booga said...

Hmmm. I almost wanna say swim just for the fact that Andre hopped on an old bike at the end. The lyrics were kinda irritating, remind me of some of the douchebags I meet "do I have a girlfriend, technically no" sounds kinda smarmy...
I say it's dogpaddling along.

Ms Porcelain said...

Swim. DONE!

S said...

Wat a beat tbh! SWIM

william adam said...

i had it a while back so the chorus bit is annoyin to me now
but andres verse
still siick
its good to hear him rappin again

Anonymous said...

Andre kills it

Anonymous said...

Piece of shit. This is what im listening to now: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6o2hzGBPxwg

maz said...

SWIM! ppl thot Save Room was whack when JL first released that, and it went on to be a hit. so im thinking this song will be similar.

cleen said...

1. Sounds like old garage
3. The taller main chic is a serious hottie

Sank, dying, DEAD

mrs andre 3000 said...

I need to hear it a couple more times, I can't give up that easily.