Summer Time with Wiley

Last week Friday I was invited down to cameo in the new Wiley video for his second single “Summer Time” A bit sceptical about whether the ever-elusive Wiley would even show up for this shoot, after he bailed out on the last video for his smash hit Rolex, (which on reflection was a good decision. The video was WACK. Girls in fox suits??....still don't get it!!) Anyway I rolled down there with Twin B from the 1xtra family to check it out.

When we reached, it was good to see there were no fake foxes about, and Wiley was definitely there getting his swagger on, dressed in baggy pyjama’s topped off with a red Bowler hat, for the video's pyjama party theme. Unfortunately as everyone was decked out in their best nightwear, I had to step back, and rule myself out, as I clearly wasn’t dressed for the occasion, also I wasn't sure my cream and brown long–johns, and purple doo-rag woulda done anything for my credibility or Wiley’s for that matter.

But I was cool watching from the sidelines,
as the hall full of pyjama wearing people went crazy.

Twin and I practicing for our superstar cameos, only to be told by the director, it was a wrap, and we were NEVER going to make the final cut without wearing pyjamas anyway. Gutted.

Where’s Wiley?

Killa Kella, look out for his new track "Nightwatcher"

Look out for Wiley’s song: Summer Time ft Kenna Out on the September 29th


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Killa kella was there....hmmm