Last Word in Carnival

Yes people, for those of you who didn’t bother going to this year's Carnival you definitely missed out. It was really good. Even though I wasn’t looking forward to getting down there for 10am to prepare for my radio show live from Notting Hill, I ended up having a wicked time.

Ace and I caught up with long time 1Xtra friends Sway and Bashy. Watched R&B star Lloyd and new Dancehall king Busy Signal smash it at the Rampage sound, which as always lived up to its reputation of killing it at carnival and overdosed on Jerk chicken and Pineapple Punch!

Strangest moment was seeing 1Xtra’s Seani B in a dress! He’s trying to say it was a Gladiator's outfit, but he had no sword and I swear I saw a woman wearing the exact same thing! There are pictures of him somewhere on the 1Xtra website, so I’ll let you lot decide.
One more thing, I have an apology to make, it was me and Trevor Nelson who kick started the riots that happened at the end of carnival…all we did was ask the Rampage boys to play an Oasis track, then a few rowdy bystanders were like, nah we’re not having Oasis at carnival…and you know the rest…sorry about that…

Sway was all four Carnival this year.

Ace admiring some random band.

We forced this police man to get into the spirit of things by eating a cold chicken patty.

We’ve got to give props to the whistle supplier, essential for Carnival

Ray J (Vex, because we didn't save him no chicken)

Bashy smashed this year's Carnival to pieces.

Moments before we jacked this woman for her Red Stripe.

Checked in with the local fire brigade to make sure all was in order.

This Witch doctor really scared us.

Fresh from a massive performances at the Notting Hill Carnival and the 1Xtra Carnival after party US R&B sensation Lloyd passed through our show.

Mr Lova lova aka Shaggy stopped by to hangout with your boys Ace & Vis.

Tinchy Stryder also dropped in on the show this week.



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looks like fun

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was whitney rollin with ray j?


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Seriously wish I went

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