Cheat on your partner.... Just log on...

A website DEDICATED to cheating on your wife/husband/partner.... WOW!!!!

Am I missing something here? is this in anyway right?

Judging by the website... they have got a lot of users...

Have you ever cheated?

Have you ever been caught???



william adam said...

i dont see the point in cheating
if you feel like you dont want to be with someone 100% then whats the point in being with them at all its a waste of time and too much effort trying to hide it from the other half

all in all
cheating is a long ting

Ginger Kid said...

Haha, good vid.

I dont want to go into the full story, but an ex found me cheating with her best friend.

it wasnt a good look, i havent cheated since.

Booga said...

I'm with you on this one William, the I didn't always see it quite that way.

NO-BIZZI said...

Whats the website address again?

yeahisaidit said...


My Cock is amazing! Your Loss said...

my ex cheated on me (on 2 occasions)and made no secret of it, even laughing about it when i confonted her.
I believe she also may read or post on this blog so if you are reading this you callous slut, i hope you catch something foul on your minge you disgusting hoe-beast!

Anonymous said...