It's just for FUN! ...Don't CRY!

Having a discussion with some friends about who the Top 5 MC's/Rapper's are in the UK! And it's not about No.1's or record sales, it's about who is the most lyrically profound, who make's you go WOOOOOOOOOW when they jump on a beat?

Here is what I came up with, don't cry about it, it's my opinion ...

1. Kano

2. Sway

3. Dizzee Rascal

4. Wiley

5. Klashnekoff

So now your chance, give your opinion, DONT BE SHY! If you have never commented before and always read I want you to speak, drop a Top 5, re-order mine(cos mine is the correct one), suggest an MC...whatever. Speak out!

Soooo ...THOUGHTS?

Ginger Kid

PS. Props to ...Skinnyman, Roots Manuva, Bashy, Professor Green, Chipmunk, Durty Goodz, Swiss, Jehst, Black Twang and many more. All very big and were considered.


Anonymous said...

omg...what are u about to start ginger kid?????

u should know better!!!!!!

kano is no.1 though. thats fopr sure. so diverse.


KingKong said...

eeerm MTV Base is obviously in safe hands...

1. Roots Manuva
2. Dizzee Rascal
3. Rodney P
4. Skinnyman
5. Klashnekoff
6. Kyza
7. Task Force
8. Blak Twang
9. Wretch 32
10. Sincere

Ginger Kid said...

I like that top 10. But I did say 5! Couldn't u cope with 5?

Remember it's my opinion. So FUCK OFF KingKong.

I like you though, you have attitude, its sexy.

No homo.

Ginger Kid said...

Ya dig.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. gk you make me laugh alot.

Anonymous said...

its all a matter of opinion init.. no one is wrong or right.. apart from ginger kid..

Anonymous said...

YOu can tell your a teenager. And also a twat.

Anonymous said...

Oh and your also a double twat for not having Fallacy. Speng

NO-BIZZI said...

i haven't heard the word speng for yeaaaaaaaars


Anonymous said...


illsun said...

1. Skinnyman
2. Dizzee Rascal
3. Durrty Goodz
4. Klash
5. Wiley

Skinnyman - Council estate = best UK Hip Hop album ever

NB - this is just my view!!!

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

In short, Dizzee & Sway 'cause they have the overall package..

since you said lyrically ironik gotta be #1

Magdi said...

Sway for me is the most talented MC in the game... hardest working guy i have seen!!!

im not saying the others dont grind... but Sway went to a different level in my opinion...

my 5 would be

Phi Life



negro please!

worst thing to ever come out of the uk dont know how he went from DJ Ironik to a rapper biggest joke ever, shud stick to channel u.

5.Akala (his defo one of the most underrated, slept on artists)

clav said...

I hate to say it, but Ironik's a nice enough kid... I can't hate, having worked with him I can only respect what he's trying to do... Even if I don't think he's the best rapper!


well since you worked with him clav
elaborate on the whole change of name...

why is he just ironik now, was the 'dj' just an apt way of making himself 'hip' sorry but i just think his loser jockin t.i's swag.


my bad honourable mention to ghetto if he toned down the rawness he could be somthing epic.

yeahyeahyeah said...


yeahyeahyeah said...

Sorry i just couldn't resist..

Here's my real list..

1. Klashnekoff
2. Sway
3. Dizzee Rascal
4. Kano
5. Wiley

A*STAR said...

whats going on i think u got it goin on backwards!

1)Wiley's still got it at number one!
2/3)then i would say kano or dizzee at number 2/3...
4)and personally i think JME is up thre tooo...IF NOT HIGHER!...hes on fire (cant believe no many have mentioned em)!


oh yeah NB - just my opinon lol!!

sebadee said...

good choice! but theres this guy random impulse, he comes under thre category of grime, but his stuff is more fresh and concept based. i saw him destroy goldielocks night, westwood dance and radio 1xtra show his fire.

youtube that badboy!

Anonymous said...

erm nah mate

Anonymous said...

i think Giggs is defo no.1!!!!


illsun said...

Sebadee - true stories

Random Impulse - definitely one to watch on the grime tip - the tune Masks is serious

Anonymous said...

Grime is the most over-rated pile of shit ive ever heard in my life.
Who cares which artist can "spit" better ? All the talent in britain and this shit gets the most airtime ? Fucking despicable
Exhibit A :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BskLOg_6Np4

Anonymous said...

Jesus that youtube of Tempa T is pretty fucked up.

Anonymous said...


No.1 all day

clav said...

@ illmatic - I don't know anything about his change of name, all I know is I flew back to London and did a whole heap of sessions for the guy. I didn't know who he was or even know he was in the charts... Which shows how much regard I have for the UK commercial music scene I guess!

Point is, he's a nice enough kid who isn't coming with the usual "I'm-so-hard" type vibes; to be honest if he did I would laugh 'cos he's just a good, well-behaved, hard-working kid - if you ever meet him I think you'll find it difficult to say otherwise. Worst thing to ever come out of the UK? Hardly - I can think of FAR greater offenders than him...

And why should he stick to Channel U? Ultimately he is where he is because the public (NOT a record label) put him there!

Anonymous said...

Clav what do u do? just wondering im kinda new to this site

clav said...

What do I do? Haaaaaa... Click my pic and you'll see!

Anonymous said...

lol at u tryna b all mysterious.. coulda jus said producerr u donut

clav said...

Mysterious? Hardly. I just don't like talking about what I do on the threads to much that's all.

Anonymous said...

i apologise for using the term donut. i should be more courteous online. got abit excited on the net me think.. newayy cooool mayn

clav said...

It's cool man, welcome!

Ginger Kid said...

Clav is cool.

Ginger Kid said...

no homo

Anonymous said...

the only UK rappers I've ever genuinely been impressed by:

roots manuva
dizzee rascal

codeunknown said...


joshpowell said...

Dizzee Diz

lol @ GK on the no homo-ness (jay smooth got it bang on!)

Adam Gwilt said...

In my opinion that is the worst top 5 i have ever seen.

Better for me:

1.Slick rick
3.Lewis Parker
4.Funky DL

Cleen said...

Oh, but he wants to fight.....

K-lash no.5? Wrong, Wrong, WRONG.

Im upset man, that is disrepectful. K-lash is blatantly number one and after him its Kano, like 20 floors below.

And why does every1 4get Miss Dynamite (back when she was sick), cos she's a chic? Oh yeah, I 4got, y does every1 4get Shystie? She's argueably better than Kano.

Oh yeeeah,slick rick. You know,I been killing 'Sitting in My Car' lately 4 some reason. I 4got he was even english

3.Kano/Miss Dynamite
4.Slick Rick
6-100000000.All the rest of u mofo's

Anonymous said...

1. Skinnyman
2. Durrty Goodz
3. Chester P
4. Fallacy
5. Scorzayzee

Anonymous said...

1 ghetto
2 devlin
3 wiley
4 skepta 5 klash