GIRL CRUSH: Acceptable?


Is a girl crush acceptable? Is it that they look so good that we believe we want them? Do you maybe re-think your friendship when your girlfriends keep going on and on about a particular girl? As a man is this a good thing or do you become suspect? When does it go too far?

This topic intrigued me as many of my ami's use this terminology; this resulted in an argument about SantoGold. Eyes could not meet on whether she was worthy of a girl crush.

Shout out to the anon who said I had a glint in my eye that none of the other ATCN girls had. Ha ha.

Thus here is a few I have heard of...



Girls enlighten us please with your GC's.

Boys is this Fly or does it Nose Dive?


Anonymous said...

stop listening to katy perry songs

Anonymous said...

Hahhaha katy perry yakno

Yes , I've got GC ..

Rihanna (dunno why )
Kd Aubrey
Keyshia Cole & Meagen Good (sp?)

I may be borderline lesbian

Naaaaaa Bun Dat!!!! ¬¬¬¬¬ LMAO

Anonymous said...

It's that weird blury moment when she so damn hot that for a split second I'm like 'I would'...then reality sets in and I'm like, hmm naaaah!

It's just fantasy, only happens with celebs tho???

Anonymous said...

FLYYYYY all the way!!!

NO-BIZZI said...

Gonna be nuff anons on this!!!

illsun said...

wow - talk about playing to the fans Shenanigans!!!!

Ella said...

acceptable imo. I see girl crushes as girls you admire not girls you wanna kiss and like it.
I have a girl crush on on Emanuela de Paula-that girl is stunning!

I'm straight (I promise you)

Shenanigan said...

who is katy perry? Anyway. yes girl crush's are girls you admire but let's define a crush!

...an intense but usually short-lived infatuation. i.e. u want em! lol

clav said...

Is it me or are (almost) all the girls in the pic's (female) gay icons?

Just a thought (quickly zips up flame suit)...

Pop Lock and Drop said...

Two words : Nicole Scherzinger

Anonymous said...

shenanigans desperate attempt at getting some of our anonymous male attention. butters.

homer pimpson said...

Big up Shenanigan for your straight-up realness! That glint in your eye combined with your freaks-come-out-at-day-and-night mentality just oozes sex. Playing to the fans or making heads drool--who cares? No-one on the blog got swagger like you!

Anonymous said...

Two words: Lara Stone

dita said...

1st) Da Brat
2nd) Michelle Rodriguez
3rd) Keisha Cole
4th) Ciara (esp. in like a boy)
5th) Queen Latifa (but ONLY in set it off)

they gotta have that "strong woman" swagger about them... [no homo]

(p.s, i like the way shenanigan has cleverly/ sneakily not actually mentioned hers!)

tarns' said...

rosario dawson...

Shenanigan said...

10 am post while everyone was ina dem bed. You must really love ATCN. Big up yourself 'anon' : )

This post was to mos def get more FEMALE views.


@ Dita Kelis and Jessica White (only in the change clothes video)

Anonymous said...

Kudos on ur bravery 4 touching on such a tricky subject.

I second what one of ur other anons said, about GC's on celebs only!!!

Couldn't say I've fantasised about them in a sexualized context-cos I love BBC-Standard!!!BIG, BLACK C***,lmao

But I'd define my obsession with certain female celebs as 'admiration'4 there standards of 'aesthetic perfection'& lets not forget top-notch styling!

Heres the list to name a few:

Kerry Washington (in 'I think I love my Wife')
Gabrielle Union
Jessica White(S.I & pharrell's choice in 'Change Clothes' video
Latisha Cole
Meagan Good...bitch, only jokin
Kim Kadashian
Angel Lola Love-Her body looked fab in that DVF wrap dress, shes like my alter ego I guess.

Oh 4 the record, who uses archaic adj's like 'butters' these days, that ish is like so vintage(in a bad way)

Anonymous said...

I think its kinda standard.... i hear it happens with guys aswell....but they get to scared to admit it.
When somebody that is the same sexy as you and they have a swag that makes you think about them more than you should be. i think its healthy. especially if you can admit it!!!

SPECKS said...

does Taylor Hanson count?

The long blond hair... I used to [still do] love him!

clav said...

Taylor Hanson? A disrespec' my yout'!

Funny though, I remember having heated arguments with people who were absolutely convinced he was a girl...

They're still gigging now though, which is crazy.

yeahisaidit said...

Janelle Monae and
Nikki Jean make me want to book a Civil Partnership at the very earliest opportunity.

yeahisaidit said...

add on to above: first childhood GC was Ariel from the Litle Mermaid.

Swiftly followed by Jessica Rabbit.

Right I'm just off to download some kd lang and get me a girlfriend.

Cleen said...

I think its just beacause girls can appreciate each other without having to say 'no homo'.

Nothing wrong with a girl crush...except 4 when its not really just appreciation and u actually want to do somethings with them. In which case erm, you jus shouldnt

I see what you mean about Santogold, I think she's worthy but its not necessarily just asthaetic (*sp), she seems to have a nice aura all the time but only looks good sometimes.

Others: Meagan Good (OMG!), Omahyra, Cassie, Jessica White,Aaliyah

kimpossible said...

of course it is! Some people are that sick that you can't help but crush on them.
*goes to brainstorm on who her girl crush is*

Booga said...

Personally, Megan Good is good looking- but the fact that a)she has fake boobs and, more notable b)plays the same boring, sadity pretty-girl personalityless chick in every movie kills any possibility of a girl crush for me.
Some of mine:
Jada Pinkett, Cameron Diaz, yeah- Angelina Jolie, Immani Coppola, Lisa Bonet, kid sister, Alex Wek, Naomi, Serena Williams and Tyra. Oh, and Halle back in the day- she's kinda plain looking these days

Samantha Jones said...

Kelis, Eva Mendes and Angelina jolie for all the obvious reasons...

Samantha Jones said...

and btw how about the male readers no guy crushes??
or is that so homo??