Hip-Hop's Rich List 2008

Forbe's released their yearly Hip-Hop richlist for 2008 last week. 50 is top, with Jay-Z in second. Expect 50 cent to slip a couple of places in 2009 as most of last years earning came from him putting his name to bottled water with some vitamins and artificial sweetner added ... Smart guy... No really he is, I'm not being sarcastic.

(any excuse to post up the campest picture in Hip-Hop history. No homo.)
Top 10:

1. 50 Cent

2. Jay-Z

3. Diddy

4. Kanye West

5. Timbaland

6. Pharrell

7. Swizz Beats

8. Snoop Dogg

9. Dr. Dre

10. Ludacris


Does it matter who make's the most cash, surely Kanye get's alot of respect as the majority of his revenue come's from music sales, tours ect.


Anonymous said...

When you have groups like the furious 5 knockin' about in the 80's you know that the 50 pic is no where near the campest in hip hop history, check the link!!


Anonymous said...

sorry try this one

Ginger Kid said...

Na the 50 pic is gayer man.

U could get away with that shit in the 80's. Not now.

50 had a fan blowing his clothes back. vImagine if he had long hair, it would have been dreadful.

Anonymous said...

Let's not imagine if he had long hair it's bad enough the way it is!!

Ginger Kid said...

HAHA. So true.

Imagine 50 with Kid rock hair. Anyone want to make that happen on photoshop?? LOLLLL

Pop Lock and Drop said...

How Ironic that the worst rapper living sells the most money. How much did Jay z make this year then ?

clav said...

No GK, it makes no difference how some-one gets the most cash - the bragging rights go to whoever has made the most money in a given year, period.

A lot of people hate on 50, personally I admire his work ethic and business nous - on asked how G-Unit clothing did so well in it's first year of trading 50 was quoted as saying he looked at clothing from Sean John and Rocawear collections, went to the manufacturer (many of Rocawear and Sean John's lines, especially sportswear ones, are only branded as such, not made specifically for their respective labels) and based his first collection of their best selling lines. Simple. Genius!

OK, maybe he DID get a little lucky with the Coca-Cola buyout although he didn't make $400m (it was in reality closer to $100m), but still... lol

And @ Pop, Lock and Drop - the worst rapper living? Nah, 50 got hooks and there's no way you're telling me "In The Club" isn't a great record to start one's career in the mainstream as a rapper...

william adam said...

hahaha he did the sleevless look

although i dont like him
he isnt the worst of rappers


that alone proves my point

Anonymous said...

Clav how do you know all this stuff!!!?

gary pounder said...

no homo

clav said...
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clav said...

@ anon - How do I know this stuff? Erm, I guess I read. I read a LOT though! The question should really be "How does my poor brain remember all this useless stuff!?" lol

When I'm in LA there's a great newsagent in downtown Burbank a couple blocks from where I live that has all sorts of publications from around the world and I'm quite happy to spend many a morning in there just reading different magazines and newspapers...

It's fascinating (to me anyway!) seeing another people's/country's viewpoint on a particular person/event/cultural phenomenon etc. Often these foreign (ie non-US/UK) publications have some facts that aren't ever really spoken about in the US or UK press.

I'm gonna put my neck out and say this - I think 50 will be the first rapper to be worth a billion dollars. Sounds absurd? Well, check this - back in May, 50 went to South Africa to meet with a mining billionaire called Patrice Motsepe (503rd richest man in the world with a personal net worth about $2.4bn or to put it another way, Richard Branson levels of dough) about a buying a stake in a South African mine(!) and possibly selling 50 cent branded platinum(!?!?!?).

Please understand the enormity of this move people - he's not hawking jewellery but actually trying to sell the RAW METAL used to make it. If there's one thing I know about wealth it's that most of the richest people on this planet make their money from the extraction of raw materials from the earth - gas, oil, metals, minerals etc. At this level, no-one in the entertainment world, (let alone the music world!) can really say anything to him ever again - he's going to be placed somewhere that has never been dreamt of being conquered by any of his contemporaries.

Food for thought, right?

clav said...
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clav said...

@ pop lock and drop - in answer to your question, Jay-Z made about $82 million this financial year just gone; not a bad figure until you realise 50 made nearly double that with $150 million. That's after tax.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel clav as a black man when one of your brothers goes into africa to strip if of its resources and probably cause more bloodshed amongst your brethren in your motherland in the process?
I guess its the same as selling poison to your own people just on a much bigger scale.
Good luck to him eh ?

S said...

well i can't believe he's 1st and pharrell's 6th. wud never have guessed.

yeahyeahyeah said...

shutup anon @ 00:55

u dont know what you're talkig about

clav said...

@ anon 00.55 - How do I feel about 50 cent doing a deal with Patrice Mostepe? Well firstly, I think you need to do some reading my friend - if you know anything about this man and how he came to be so successful then you wouldn't make a comment like that.

The guy is treated like a movie star by his countrymen in South Africa, yet he lives very modestly considering his wealth (no yacht or plane, only owns one house) and is an extremely humble and approachable man. He was born in the Soweto township, studied to become a lawyer and worked EXTREMELY hard under apartheid to achieve what would have been considered almost impossible before the sanctions that were lifted in the 90s. Incidentally, Mostepe also has a stake in a publicly traded financial service company worth almost $300 million so it's not just the mining operation that makes money for him.

Why would some-one like 50 NOT want to deal with him? I'm not saying everything is fair in SA, obviously there were winners and losers with the end of the "old days" - I know some label him an oligarch but I still respect his achievements as a black man.

Ultimately, the full argument is a little too deep and complicated to get into on this forum because we'd be effectively arguing the case of free market capitalism versus a socialist ideal, as opposed to race issues which is where you're trying to take it but believe me, I can go real hard on this subject so be VERY careful when saying things like "strip if [sic] of its resources and probably cause more bloodshed amongst your brethren" - you fail to acknowledge that that the mining companies Mostepe runs also keep a lot of my brethren's families fed and clothed with a roof over their heads and a chance to lead a better life!

Hope that answers your question about how I feel about it.

Anonymous said...


yerw said...

I love Clav.. He always has the answer to everything..

no homo ofcourse

clav said...

I certainly haven't got the answer to everything yerw, just to the question asked to me by anon!

Anonymous said...