Eyes on Rio

The above images are the results of what happens when photographer JR takes things up a level. He has focussed his attention on women, taking photographs of women who are the relatives of victims of violent crime. He then displayed their large portraits in the 'Morro da Providencia' favela, one of the most violent of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These images were taken in August, 2008.

This project has already taken place in Sudan, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Liberia, and will be taken to India, Cambodia, Laos and Morocco after Brazil.

To find out more about this amazing project, 'women are heroes' click here.

Does anybody really care though?

I know Biz and a couple of the boys took a trip, or what they like to call an IPH to Rio... anybody else been or wanting to go?



Ginger Kid said...

Yeah, defiently want to head out to rio sometime.

But wow, the pictures are amazing.

Big post specks..!

Novado Avacado said...

Nice post Specks, really feeling those snaps.
You would straight up get robbed out there GK you silly ginger haired helmet head

Ginger Kid said...

I would get robbed defiently.

But i tend to carry around hand-grenades with me, so i can stuff them in the mouths of cunts like you.

Silly little wanker.

Ginger Kid said...



mrs andre 3000 said...

Seriously What The F is up with everyone hating on peeps with Ginger Hair?! I have jet black hair and would love to have my hair that colour, I don't mind being picked on I was the only black girl in a white girl, so you can't say shit to me!
Oh yeah love the Rio post too! x

mrs andre 3000 said...

*white school*, looks like I need to go back!

carrot top said...

** actually it's definitely


NO-BIZZI said...


GREAT SPOT A nd yes, i can say from first hand experience rio is unbelievable!

Booga said...

spring 2009 I'm goin to Fortaleza and the surrounding countryside cities in Bahia, Sao Paulo, and Rio.
Can't wait.
The photos are phenomenal.
Mrs. Andre, I was wondering about that. At first I thought you were saying something like that you were meant to be a Black girl, but were trapped inside the shell of a white girl, similar to what trannies say about gender LOL. (then I scrolled down. Oooh!)
IMO, and I think everyone else would agree with me, GK's hair is rad, and I might add, looks hair model healthy. Novado is just being a hater.

clav said...

Rio - Damn... Too much. The place is magical.

Regarding the pictures - too big. That's some very impressive thinking going on there.

Regarding the women - you will go there not looking for your future wife but you WILL find her. End of.

Ginger Kid said...

I like you booga. We should have a baby together.

CorinneSings! said...

loving the post...I care and I would LOVE to go to Rio...dreams

Booga said...

GK- fed-ex your contribution to LA, let's make it happen! J/p lmao...

yeahisaidit said...

i do hope the baby/babies are ginger.

Aren't gingers in danger of becoming extinct or did I dream that?

Beware the dangers of 'Global Intermingling'

Booga said...

yeahisaidit: awww- I'll be tainting the ginger gene pool. There are actually a good deal of redheads on my moms side, so I just might pop out little gingerhaired quad-babies

yeahisaidit said...

do it
do it
do it

Booga said...

fa' sho yeahisaidit. I'll bequeth my first born "yeahisaidit" after you. Maybe I'll even send it to you, as I'm not much a fan of babies. I get it back when it's 2 and cool though.

Rodriguez said...

Ginger fed ex babies sounds like the future. JR is serious by the way. I'm a fan. Props to Specks.

He did a Face2Face project in Palestine/Israel a while back. Makes me wanna step my camera game up.