TB aka TB TUBERCULOSIS aka T. Bear is a rapper who resides in East London. He has been grindin' in the darkness for a few years and has released a few mixtapes and singles through his own label, Manor Enterprise. I have been into TB's music for a while now and I feel that he deserves some props. His flow is too much. There are free downloads available via his myspace here. 'More Forwards' and 'Celebrate' are big but it's all about 'Bless U pt.2' featuring Pyrelli and Shamless (which is produced by my boy Eli-T). If you like what you hear, go cop his second mixtape THE BEAST FROM THE EAST which is mixed
by Dj MK now!

Thoughts? Is TB next?

Check out TB holding his pet snake here:


Anonymous said...

is he called TB Tuberculosis and T. Bear because he has a split personality?

The track 'More Forwards' ony his myspace is biiiiig. I love free music.

Steve Clear said...

Yeah... TB is big.
Best thing to come out of the Datsound camp.

Anonymous said...

Boooooooo in a bad way

That guy said...

The cover is amazing, i havn't seen anything like it in uk rap, ever, is this horrorcore (remember that?)
Have to agree, that Bless U pt2 is incredible, UK at its finest!!
Im a bit scared, but i will pick this up. lol