Why God Why...

won't the music industry leave dead people alone. I understand that there is money in posthumous releases and there is always some weird ass kid that wants to hear more 2 Pac off the cutting room floor but somethings should be left alone.

Snoop Dogg is contributing to a new remix album of songs by the Man in Black - Johnny Cash. I'm a huge Cash fan (well the early years and the late years I'll leave it out concept albums about train journeys thank you very much.) and quite a big Snoop fan but the thought of the two makes me ill. It can only be a mess right. I'll admit to having not heard the tune yet but when it drops I'll flag it up - until then see what other horrors the album will hold by clicking here.

May everyone involved in this face karma's full force.



One said...

I think I vaguley remember Snoop doin' a Johnny Cash track on an Mtv show where he was showcasing his new album, and it wasn't too bad, can't remember the name of it though.

illsun said...

I've just noticed that Pete Rock, Platinum Pied Pipers and Buck 65 are on there so maybe it won't be awful

One said...

Pete Rock's on there!! may be a good line up then!!

The more I think about it Snoop deifinitley did a Cash track on that show. It was quite good that whole show, Ive slept on the last few Snoop albums basically because I prefer his older stuff, but what I do like about him is when he does a live show he uses a full live band, plus Teddy Riley produced stuff on his new album which interested me, and he was playin' with the band on this show!

sorry deviated from the whole Johnny Cash thing......lol

NO-BIZZI said...