Professor Green Vs. Stig

You may remember I posted the trailer for this battle last week, so it would be rude if I didn't follow it up with the footage from the most anticipated MC Battle of the last few years.

So here it is and £50,000 was at stake.

Rap Battle: Professor Green Vs Stig

Not surprising eh? ...And a bit of a let-down I think, but that was only because they advertised the battle in a 'Lennox Lewis Vs. Mike Tyson' fashion, we all knew it wasn't gonna be like that. Was pretty decent though, right?

I will take this oppurtunity to lead you to Pro Green's myspace, he is back with some really good tracks, so check out his myspace here. Just a shame he didn't get to release his album with The Beats.


Props: Jumpoff.tv and The Hook Up/Myspace

Ginger Kid


gary p said...

pro green is the man
the amount of battles he's won now

check out his adele remix on his myspace

tel said...


deserved winner!

Ginger Kid said...

Yeah Gary, the Adele remix is really nice. CHECK IT PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...


The first round Green killed him straight away with the geordie punchlines.

NO-BIZZI said...

stig killed asher d but got made to look reeeealy average here...