So a new season is nearly upon us and I'm not going to lie. The thought of heading down to the (good but not so old) Emirates stadium every week and watching the team i grew up loving is an exciting prospect but with all the money being thrown about regarding transfers and allegiances are put into question I'm not sure if i can support my team in the same way. It seems as though players kissing the badge after scoring a goal is something that is done for the back pages and holds little, if any meaning anymore.

I'm all for a team made up of the best players regardless of origin but when you get a team of men just trying to be seen so that next season the big money move happens it suddenly becomes hard to trust a players intentions.

My point (long winded i know) is this: Has football changed so much we should expect players to want to move after a few seasons or is the old school association of Keane = utd,
Adams = arsenal, dead and teams at the top level will continue to evolve season by season.

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bafic said...

Its true i dont the players that desire that motivation that old school players had.play well for a season and leave the next.To make matters worse for us gunners fabregas has revealed he will leave to real madrid not this summer maybe the next.

NO-BIZZI said...

where did he say that?

Big up Nicholas "wheres my money" Anelka

One said...

I think teams are going to constantly evolve, especially even more so with a lot of the youth team players at the 'bigger' clubs being bought from abroad so I think until they bring in a quota for the amount of players from aborad you can play in your team I think we're going to see less and less home grown players coming though who will be happy to play for the team they grew up supporting, but this is being going on for years.

I have noticed more of a change this summer more than others though and I think this is down to English clubs being successful in Europe over the last few years and now the Italian and Spanish clubs are attempting to take players from our clubs to improve their own squads to mount a serious eurpoean challenge. Especially somewhere like Arsenal where they have a strict wage structure, which is good in a lot of ways, but it makes some of their players easy pickings in that other clubs can offer them wages Arsenal won't match. I wouldn't worry if I was an Arsenal or Man Utd fan because in Ferguson and Wenger they are the two coaches in Europe who can lose major players and are able to bring in new ones and still have the same level of performance.

Im sure when the season begins we'll all be up for it and it will still feel the same, plus I still think there's a load of big transfers to come off, as soon as one happens it will trigger a chain reaction, could start with Keane to Liverpool today!!

Anonymous said...

You think keane is really a gonna????

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

A the end of the day Football is a job. Players will change their minds regardless of how much they love their club. They often just want to seek a new challenge. Look at Henry, he still goes on about how he loves the club and advises young players to sign with us (Arsenal, cough, the best team).

Football as we know it is going through a transitional period. More and more Billionaires inject their dusty money into the beautiful game. Which tempts players who often come from poverty stricken backgrounds to sign big money deals to play at top clubs. Also, the media annoyingly unsettles players (bye Hleb. please dont go Adebayor) through contaminating the back pages with transfer specualtion.

I am glad Arsenal have stuck to their traditional values of the clubs history. They respect Football. It is getting out of control. They wont break the bank for players demanding an extra 50,000 on top of the 60,000 they already earn A WEEK.

Players who come to a club should be true sportsman and fufill their contract agreement. Show some dedication to the club and the game. there are young people out there dying to be in their place but a lot of them abuse it.

son son said...

BIG POST BIZ....even if you do support a waste team


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Keane is gone! he wants to play Champions league football, im sure he is tired of it being a dream that never materialises.

About the Real move Fabregas said this...

"I didn't tell Ramon Calderon no.
Not the time

"I told him that now wasn't the time to go to Madrid.

"That you are wanted by Madrid, one of the biggest teams in history, is important."

But Fabregas has given a strong hint that he will be on his way from the Emirates if Arsenal endure another season without silverware after three trophyless campaigns.

Fabregas added: "To be four seasons without winning any titles would be too much for me. Real Madrid are the favourites to win La Liga this year."

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...


yeahisaidit said...

i bought a beautiful pair of eley kishimoto heels yesterday.



Anonymous said...

proper waste team, its all about newcastle and there racist players! Im asian by the way and I hate that barton has been given another chance.

One said...

I think it's the same for Gerrard if Liverpool don't win anything this year or close the gap in the race for the league (I don't think we'll win it this year) then I think he'll leave at the end of the season.

Im not sure about the Fabregas thing, I think thats paper talk, if I was Fabregas I wouldn't move yet, he's young and so is the Arsenal team and he can run that team for the next few yaers, would he be the main man at Madrid, probably not!

And yes Keane definitly to Liverpool at some point this week, Spurs pulled him out of a freindly last week, looks like their going after Villa. Keane and Torres could be a decent partnership!!


Anonymous said...

LOL @ anon

big up newcastle!!


One said...

Just read on BBC that Barton's been released, what a joke!! Keegan says he deseves a 2nd chance, Im sure he must be on about his 10th!!

Count the days until he's back in trouble.

Im from Newcastle but hate Newcastle United (I know that sounds wierd to all you non-geordies!!) and theres so many things wrong with that club!!

yeahisaidit said...

they are relly pretty slingbacks.



bafic said...

Copy and paste from :http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_3874116,00.html

Arsenal playmaker Cesc Fabregas has not ruled out a move to Real Madrid - but will have at least one more season with the Gunners.

His comments come after reports in Spain linked him with a move to the Bernabeu.

But the 21-year-old, while flattered to have been linked with Madrid, insists he wants to stay at Emirates Stadium for the time being.

The player, a product of the Barcelona youth academy, told Spanish sports daily Marca: "I didn't tell Ramon Calderon no.

Not the time
"I told him that now wasn't the time to go to Madrid.

"That you are wanted by Madrid, one of the biggest teams in history, is important."

But Fabregas has given a strong hint that he will be on his way from the Emirates if Arsenal endure another season without silverware after three trophyless campaigns.

He has tasted success on an international scale after helping Spain end their 44-year wait for a trophy at Euro 2008 and now wants to repeat that success domestically.

Too much
Fabregas added: "To be four seasons without winning any titles would be too much for me. Real Madrid are the favourites to win La Liga this year."

And he believes Ronaldo would prove a success at Madrid.

"The league and the Champions League that United won this season was because of Cristiano," he continued.

"At Madrid he would help them win titles."

Ginger Kid said...

I think the day's when alot of players stay with the club they have been with since they where 13 are over. Of course we will still get the exception such as Ryan Giggs, G.Neville & Scholes at United, and John Terry at Chelsea. I also agree with what One said about if United or Arsenal loose big players Fegie or Wenger will be able to replace them with a new player of the same level. But...

What about when Wenger & Fergie leave their respective clubs? Now thats where the problems start.

And Biz you think you got problems at Arsenal about your club being soul-less and not having the same love. Try being a Chelsea fan. I miss the glory days when we used to finish 5th & 6th but play amazing football with players like Zola, Wise, Poyet, Desailly, Di Matteo ...ahhhhh the TRUE glory day's.

PS. Drogba, Pizzaro & Shevchenko please fuck off.

McNeish said...

I think its defo an interesting question (big post by the way). As a fan of the beautiful game myself .. i overstand the fact that with the amount of money floating around in football nowadays loyalty is a thing of the past.

But heres something to think about..

Would you choose to keep things as they currently stand? Thus attracting the worlds top players?

Or decrease the quality of player within the league but subsequently increase the loyalty attached to each & every club ????

Anonymous said...

are you maaaaaaaaaad?

Drogba is a sick. bit of a bitch but talented. he has won you guys so many games! dont disrespect the fella

Ginger Kid said...

To be honest I don't care how many games he won us 2 seasons ago. He is a wasteman, and I don't want him playing for Chelsea.

Robinho 30 million? Didn't we sell Robben for 18 million? Who has taken Robinho's place in the Real team? WOW. Sometimes football confuses me. Although Robinho is slightly less injury prone. And a couple of years younger.

One said...

@McNeish you could still attract the worlds best talent but how many guys come over from other countries that aren't up to the standard and take the place in the squad that could possibly go to a talented youngster who in the end becomes stifled and ends up having to drop down a few divisions to get first team football.

People say the cream will always rise to the top and I guess in some cases that is true but unless these guys get given a chance will we ever know. Ive just watched a couple of Liverpool pre-season games over the past few weeks and two young scouse kids (Darby and Spearing) played in them and Ive been reading about these guys coming through for a while, you just hope they get given a chance when the season starts.

Here's another question whens the last time one of the "big 4" bought a player from the lower leagues and they got into their first team?? Have those days gone?

One said...
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Elijah said...


One said...

@Bafic sleep easy tonight man, check the link;


Like I said all papaer talk!!

Anonymous said...


"I have not spoken to any media so it's frustrating to read quotes that I have supposedly said about my future," said Fabregas.

"I have spent the summer relaxing with my family, friends and girlfriend and I return to training with Arsenal tomorrow (Tuesday).

"I think that some people are just trying to make mischief but my intentions are very clear.

"I am happy here at Arsenal, my future is with Arsenal and the priority is to achieve success and win trophies at Arsenal."

– Props: Skysports.com

– Member: Danny Tables of ATCN SPORTS

yeahisaidit said...

i saw a really pretty bird today.



Solve said...

The one thing that i've come to believe over the last few seasons is to not expect loyalty from foreign players. Them being foreign is the reason in itself! They didn't have a problem in leaving their native country to come and play in which is undoubtably the best league in the world which starts as a bonus for us as fans. The down side of that as a gooner (and currently for united fans) is that our better players or players that we are more reliant on are foreign.

This said, we cannot expect the loyalty of Steve Bruce or Tony Adams to retire from the game at there beloved clubs. C.Ronaldo for instance has won every worthy trophy at his current club along with being the leading goalscorer in the league 2 years on the bounce. He, like Henry want to prove to themselves that they can also achieve greatness where ever they deceide to ply there trade.

I think its something we just have to come to terms with.

After just reading Ryan Giggs' interview in the new GQ, he talks about players moving to a new club for an extra 10k a week! I kinda think that says it all

illsun said...

Just watched Arsenal batter a pub side 10 - 2 totally pointless game but it meant I got to watch Jack Whilshere play - he's the future

(actually just for the record 8 of the 15 Arsenal players were English nice to see)

xxx said...



Mademoiselle said...

u know i was feeling rather ashamed for feeling this way for a lil while now-nice to know im not alone-players have love for the game but lack true passion for the team!

nevertheless i am still arsenal for life!

yeahisaidit said...

arsenal through and through and through.

and through.

ooooh to, oooooh to be.....

The Almanac said...

im the biggest gooner there is, and i think there is plenty of merit to the argument that money is ruining the game.

Robbie Keane has just gone to Liverpool for 20 million, on 80,000 a week? What is that about? I think he is a great player, but 80 grand a week? flipping hell....

clav said...

This PRECISELY why I don't back football (and most other team sports) anymore - it's not about the game as much as it is about the money.

Mark my words, a new era is coming if something isn't done soon, essentially an NBA/NFL/World Series type situation where the game wants the players more than the players want the game... If it's not there already.

Here's a question - at what point does sportsmanship stop and money-grubbing begin?

PS - @yeahisaidit: tell me more about eley kishimoto. Please.

yeahisaidit said...

@clav-i thought no-one was listening, sniff.

more about my shoes or the brand?

ps. i should be asleep but as it is 23 degrees in my bedroom I have the window open, and as it is now pissing it down, i cant sleep as it's too noisy. Grrrrrr. Also, i'm too warm for my summer duvet but get too cold with just a sheet. I think i'm going slighlty delirious...

clav said...

Tell me about the brand...

NO-BIZZI said...

has this suddenly got seedy and about shoe fetishists?


yeahisaidit said...

i didn't sign up for that.

SPECKS said...

arsenal in a puddle. How fitting.

clav said...

@ yeahisaidit - I didn't sign up for that either. I asked about the brand NOT the shoes...

Biz, who's got the dirty mind now huh!?! lol