Record of the week

What do you do when you surprise everyone (including yourself and your fan base) with a record that crosses genres, breaks barriers and launches you as a pop star and no longer a name bubbling below the surface?

You come back with a line up of names that screams HIT. Or does it? Post wearing my Rolex our record of the week is Summertime by Wiley featuring Kenna and produced by Daft Punk. Hit play on the sidebar player and let us know what you think...
Sink or swim?



yeahisaidit said...

not for me.

I adore Daft Punk, and I'd definitely call myself a wiley-appreciator, but personally, this collabo doesn't do it for me.

Sometimes collabos don't work, even when you love everyone involved.

I'm going to give it a few more goes- it might be a grower...

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Wiley is inspiring but this song doesnt do it for me. Its not his best tune. I hope that it does well though. good luck!

Me and my friends were talking about Wiley at a BBQ yesterday and were wondering how trees worth of lyrics this guy has! he has been spitting for time!

Wiley is a bad bwoy.

"Slimzee is going on terrible. I dont care who they are. Slimzee is going on terrible, ive had enough thats it!"


DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

I wouldnt say it totally SINKS though... i just dont like the chrous section of the song much.

NO-BIZZI said...

Slimsie dub



Wavvy said...


Still hasn't grown on me, but no doubt there will be people jumping on this track.

Wiley is doing bloody well though, can't deny that.

Still, wrong move in my opinion to cover Daft Punk... I'm not feeling that.

pick said...

i like it. i admit the chorus is no 'wearing my rolex' but i like it all the same.

Ginger Kid said...

There isn't much point comparing it to 'Wearing My Rolex', because it no dance track will stand-up against that for at least another few years.

I have loved Wiley since the pirate radio days (i used to record pirate radio onto cassette, im big dog), and that was when I was like 12.

Basically what I am trying to say is, DAFT PUNK + WILEY = ANYTHING BUT SINK! its gonna tear up the clubs and radio!!


McNeish said...

The constant clashing was risky ..

This electro waves jus hit me ..

Its radio friendly ..
It doesn't offend me ..

And will done a mans dance very quickly!!!!

(you see what ive done there)

All jokes aside its swimming 4 me!


It is alot.


Anonymous said...

i guess thats a swim then


clav said...

@ GK - I still refuse to acknowledge Wiley's track being better than the one he ripped it from (and he DID rip it, I don't care what no-one says) - BodyRox's "Yeah Yeah" rules!!!!!!

clav said...

Or should I say, D. Ramirez's mix of BodyRox's "Yeah Yeah"....

Anonymous said...

Chorus sounds like a backstreet boys record