Recently i've been...

I've been hiding out and keeping quiet - A bit like Michael Jackson.

I've also been dangling small children from relatively small heights - A bit like Michael Jackson only without the balcony and without the big heights.

Be warned though, that dangling child anywhere in the proximity of the lower leg region may take you back to the horrendous, blood and guts, nightmare wielding, year 7 video on child birth. Where they found that woman and gigantic new born baby... I will never know.

And on that note, keep things safe.



illsun said...

I haven't dangled a child like that since the incident...

yeahisaidit said...

the year 7 video.

i'd almost forgotten.

oh the flashbacks.

oh the humanity.

Anonymous said...

show us your face woman. don't be shy now.

as for the year 7 video, shit was fucked up. if i recall though, all the class laughed the entire way through, whilst secretly wishing the torture would stop immediately.

im a man, but shit, i'll happily stick it but fuck sticking around for arrivals.

clav said...

Year 7 video? WTF?

jenni said...

I love the atcn bag. where did you get it from???? you didnt even mention it and its the best part of the post. the baby is adorable to.

write back.


SPECKS said...

@ clav...if you dont recall a year 7 video you must be too old. haha. nobody forgets. so please enlighten us on the scare / educational tactics deployed by school authorities when you were a youth, back when.

@ yeahisaidit... OHHH THE HUMANITY. i liked that a lot. im in your fanclub.

@ jenni... soon come. keep checking back.

gary pounder said...

those videos in school days ahh dear everybody laughed and got all embarressed

there was one boy in the class who got a massive boner and before u say who or u think it was me no it werent his name was

matty sore

and we all laughed at him very loud

Leese said...

@ jenni, was gonna say the same thing bout the bag-i love it.

I went to catholic school, so i didn't get the yr 7 video until yr 10 and by then it was already too late for many of us man deprived hormonal driven young women (not me though, i maintained my innocence for quite a while after-lol) oh yeah I went to a catholic girls school run by nuns who wouldn't let us wear tampons.

Gosh, i went on a bit of a tangent didn't I-sorry for the extra information,

Yes i LOVE the bag, and yes the lil bubas soo cute

brazen said...

Tay is biiiiiiiiiiiig maaaaaaaaan

yeahisaidit said...

@ leese what school, catholic or otherwise didn't let you wear tampons? did you go to school before or after the war? 1st or 2nd?
I went to a catholic school, a convent at that and I remember that video like it was yesterday. In fact, it's only recently i stopped wetting the bed oweing to the nightmares that I had as a result of witnessing the imagery of that woman in agony, with her massive baby (and also scarily large lady lumps, see I remember IT ALL, in oh-to-much detail)I was 11 for f-cks sake. Sadist nuns.

@ clav- yeah what did they use on you? I'm interested to see what other milder routes the spinsters at my school could have taken.

This reminds me of all those governement information videos. Does anyone remember them? you know the ones about escalators & sparklers? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zirp59zm1qE

@specks- fanclub, lil' ol' me? Can I be in yours? ps. that little boy is mega-cute

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Specks can i have your autograph? and you aswel Ginger Kiddo

Booga said...

yr 7 vid- I'm not knowing about. I'm guessing it was part of sex ed? We watched this video where some girls were have a sleepover and one girl started her period. The host's mom explained menstration to the girls in the morning by making uterus shaped pancakes. LMAO. @ Leese- wow, you were at an uberstrict school. I recently found out that some people I know won't used tampons. Seems kinda awkward, wearing a pad to run in. And sleeping with a tampon just doesn't seem healthy. I think that their is a time and place for each. I also thinkt that I am frequently guilty of tmi...

yeahisaidit said...


welcome back to Women's Hour. Coming up next, Feminax or hot water bottle? what really works for you?

NO-BIZZI said...

i prefer feminax

its better for my flow at that special time every month

SPECKS said...

Im taking no responsibility for starting women's hour, recognizable by the heavy symptoms of too much information. especially you biz. i dont wanna know about your special time.

@ Leese - you may be entitled to compensation for the trauma. i hear they pay out for all sorts these days. its worth a go.

yeahisaidit i think, well you did, call nuns sadists. just reminding you, incase you wish to repent. lol.

yes yes dels. Ginger kid will confirm my use of his phrase, it just 'pure tribal love'.

yeahisaidit said...

they made me wear white socks and black shoes, a la MJ in the bad years. Before it becme ironic/fashionable to nod to the 80's through your clothing.

they also made us wear terrible massive green knickers which you could only buy from john lewis for PE, and the checked to see if you were wering them.

Sadists? Yeah, I said it, and I'm sticking with it.

SPECKS said...

yeahisaidit - in my book, its ok to call nuns sadists. I didnt go to catholic school,but you did, so i was hoping for some classic catholic guilt. but instead you just made me jealous of your uniform. points for taking it back to michael.

yeahisaidit said...

specks-if you like tartan and duffle coats, then yeah, my uniform was hot (which incidentally so was I in all that lambswool)

Leese said...

Hot water bottle... feminax makes me thirsty-and the hot water bottle actually works!

I love womens hour...we should have some1 make a blog space esp for so we can all share our traumatic days and offer advice on mental recovery

@yeahisaidit-after 2nd ww-1995 2 be exact lol, but my school was very strict-they would confiscate tampons and make u throw them away-thought they were protecting us from cervical cancer and tss (toxic shock syndrome)

and they made us wear white socks with black shoes but we made a stand and one day every one in yr8 came in in black tights and they were like actually this looks much better-the rest is history-we got rid of our mustard yellow tie too-see it was all about civil rights

why oh why r babies heads soooo masive-lord y?!!!!

@SpecksI think i have past the whole 'have u been hurt or injured in the last 5 yrs-u may be entitled to comensation' the boat has officially sailed for me my friend

yeahisaidit said...

@Leese, that was a rhetorical question.

ps.we had mustard ties at my school too. Why god, why?

Leese said...

@ yeahisaidit-i knew that... thought i'd answer it anyway as the dry tongue side effect is one that must be exposed, lol

ps, i think that teachers everywhere got together at a convention to get back at us for being the youths that we were-and came up with the genius idea of the School unform-YES YES lets scar them little rugrats for life YESSSSS mwahahahaha



Leese said...

Wait a miniute-the rehetorical question was the WW1 or 2 wasn't it?


Anonymous said...

i want that bag!

and not in a mugger way

Booga said...

I like the color mustard. Why the bad rep?

Anonymous said...

what happened to your bum ?