Getting Dropped by Aftermath

Joell Ortiz has a new blog up giving us the latest on what's happening with him. I've been reading the posts and I have to say the level of honesty and detail makes this very interesting. He has a post up there now talking about the situation between his and Aftermath. There have been loads of rumours about his being signed being dropped and all kinds of variations.

I won't go into it because it makes sense if you are interested to just read it here.

I like Joell a lot and hope his decision to go it alone work out for him, between downloads and mountain climber A&R's it must be a nervous time being a musician. Good luck to him.


Anonymous said...

sorry to be the first to comment with the following reaction.

but, fuck me, boring hell.

lil naked boi said...

i am definately not wearing any clothes right now, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Guy sucks glad he got dropped

Anonymous said...

not into joell sorry illsun

illsun said...

OK so mental notice

no-one reps for Joell

yeahisaidit said...

please mind the tumbleweed on your way out kids.

Anonymous said...

geez kinda harsh on here

dudes ok nothing special but he has got some bars

Anonymous said...

joell ortiz sucks??

i take it everyone hit the pipe last nite

illsun said...

at last the voice of reason
thank you the last Anon