New Streets album

The fourth album is set to get released later this year and I have to say I am slightly dreading it. When Original Pirate Material dropped it took me a minute to get into it but when I did it was the soundtrack to a summer. Grand Doesn't Come For Free had some highlights but wasn't great and Hardest Way bored the pants off me.

The new tracks are cut together in one track on the official myspace and I have listened a few times and am undecided they sound like they are early stages but with the album set for a last quarter release I can't help feel the world has moved on.

To hear the tunes click here

Have a listen let me know your thoughts?

Sink or Swim People??


the dzl said...

Music has reached a all time low!
That low being a chorus involving the extinct animal the 'Dodo'.
Mike Skinner do please 'bore off'.

Here's Mike on the 4th Album:
'I am working very very hard'

Not hard enough mate.

illsun said...

ha ha ha ha @ dzl

this sucks

what makes it worse is that they still have weak become heroes on there which is the best thing he ever did

NO-BIZZI said...

I dont think he will ever top the first album...

I still remember the first time i heard lets push things forward was when fonti played it on freek and buskin couldn't stop screaming yessss mannnn!


Ginger Kid said...

I don't think the world has moved on, I think he has. As in that what he was loved for in his first 2 albums was the story-telling of an everyday guy, that the people could relate to, over some sick beats aswell.

This album seems a bit wet, im sure if you sit back and relax you will enjoy it. And it kight grow on us.

Also, let's not forget Skinners history, his set-list can murk any festival stage, anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

It sounds Ok ...as GK said it will probably be a grower.

I don't think anything will ever compare to 'Original Pirate Material' which was a classic, groundbreaking piece of work. . However 'never went to church' was a great record too... i think MS always makes emotional music, which people identify with.

Big Up the Skinner...

ps Im hoping that this coming recession will bring about new exciting music in this country as history shows.. EG. Punk in the 70's, hardcore/jungle (early 90's) UKG (late 90's)...music needs hunger.

Anonymous said...

If music needs hunger then some-one please explain late 90's UK Garage - the whole movement represented a period of decadence, luxury living, reckless spending and a distinct sense of a modern, clubbing bourgeoisie...

And oh, how I miss it.



clav said...
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