Get your appetite drenched for this candy for the eye.

Timothy James Andrew aka get all yo sheeet in my wardrobe right now is making serious tidal waves in the fashion world. His colour infused patch worked knitwear is enough to make me lay down in front of a bendy bus.

Feast your eyes on British garb at it's best with pieces from Mrs Jones, Dejan Agatonovic, Andrea Mcwha (dope name), Steve J and Yoni P, Mensah, Rellik and Linda Farrow




If you got enough balls in your knickers then die your hair electric blue and wear disco ball horns



This is progressive fashion ...

As colour strewn our wardrobes, lets look further a field for inspiration and stop being fulfilled by the nearest clone uniform. Let's leave the £3.00 rope chains, bamboo earrings, ray bans alone and let's stop the abuse.

The box is much more exciting on the outside.

Do you think music has influenced the way we dress?

(As Phoebe mentioned in her High Tops and Tank Top blog -
dressing like Kanye is not the way forward.)

Are we stuck in a fashion rut?

Props: Art Director and Stylist Nasrin Jean- Baptiste


Charmander said...

I think fashion on a whole is influenced by music. They go hand in hand. However i think we are stuck in a fashion rut!! Its a thing where you go out and see the same guys wearing the same thing. Not to say you cant copy people from the music industry...but Geez!! Its time for something new people!!

Charmander said...

Oh nd the pictures are badddduuupppp!

Anonymous said...

It's like nails down a blackboard every time I see yet another celeb fashion clingon... London is supposed to be the fashion capital of the world for innovation and creativity but judging by the deluge of clones it's making me think twice!

People should look towards our young British talent and the runway instead of music artist for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

^ For real ...too many imitators for my liking!


I want that cream jacket now!

Anonymous said...

I hate these kind of posts. The whole 'Think outside the box'shit is embarrassing.

The only box that needs to be thought out of is the one where you judge people on their clothes, its awful.

Don't get me wrong, personally i'm totally up for fashion etc, but as i stated its 'personal' and i don't judge or even care what others are wearing. I honestly thought that kind of mind state was left at the primary school gates.

Plus as 'young' londoners most of us don't have the funds to indulge in high fashion, or the time and ability to create shit ourselves, thus to some extent the high street dictates what we wear. Generic style and so called 'lack of innovation' is the result of this.

The pictures are great and i can see the beauty in the clothes but there shouldn't be any correlation between that and what people generally wear.

As the well seasoned fashion guru, that i'm sure you are, i kinda expected more of an objective stance to such issues.

Shenanigan said...

Great response Anon.

Personally I don't go around judging people by their clothes. This is not what I do.

Many other people have also noticed that there is a staple uniform in London and it's not a cheap one!

Yes London is the fashion capital and there are so many 'other' options that are right under our noses.

I'm not saying go and spend all your wages on designers. Actually you will find many designers in our very own second hand shops. And if you have no time and choose the high street then that's all good. I was not knocking any of that. Because I do the same.

I'm saying 'some' people choose to maybe spend three hundred pounds on a baby Milo jumper that everyone has been rocking than supporting a British designer. Or just doing something different?

Just an observation not condemnation.


Anonymous said...

@at anon... obviously you must have these items in your wardrobe and is crushed because your rope chain cost you £5!!

only joking couldn't resist!!!

But i must say I am embarrassed for you, that you think "thinking outside the box is embarrassing". Yes, style is personal and individual but it seems a lot of people aren't taking it personal... their just following the heard without injecting enough of themselves into the equation.

No one is saying you have to send all your money on designer high fashion, imagination is free. The point is that maybe we should just be looking towards more then just music for inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Imagination is free!

Love that!

Anonymous said...

These pics are dope. I love the energy of it.
I agree with Charmander, it's def time for something new!

I for one welcome the change!