The Game Ft. Lil Wayne - My Life

This track really is dope. It's called 'My Life' and features
Weezy, obviously. Click here to download the track.

The Game has quickly come out to dismiss talk of a beef with Eminem after the following lyrics:
"All the pictures of me and Em, I burned them/ So there ain't no proof I walked through 8 Mile/ And so since there ain't no Proof, I'll never walk through 8 Mile."

Click here to read his full interview about the Em controversy.

Also alot of people have been moaning about the quality of output from Hip-Hop artists in 2008. With only Nas and Weezy having big albums out. But I am one to see the glass 'half-full'. The back end of 2008 will make this year a good year for Hip-Hop, I have faith in The Game to breath life into Hip-Hop like he has done before.
Now the big question, 2008 so far ... SINK or SWIM?

Ginger Kid


MR W said...

this song has been on constant rotation

Ginger Kid said...

yup. so good.

Booga said...

The game tries too hard to fake the funk... yuck- I'm cool

Anonymous said...