Jordan Brand = NEXT!

Hybrids of previous kicks have caused mad debate and some of them are bait but I've got to say these two joints are definitely on point!

The Jordan Six Rings celebrate the six shoes that Jordan wore when he won each of his NBA Championships; VI, VII, VIII, XI, XII & XIII.
It's true he wore the XIV's in the final game of his final championship but that really was only to advertise them for the next season and get people amped.

I can't wait for August!!!

Then they go and fuse two of my favorite kicks together (the Jordan III & Air Force !) and give us these!

I can't wait until September!!!

What do you think??

Sink or swim?

props: Jumpman23



NO-BIZZI said...

I hate the hybrids but this is that OTHER SHIT!


Jo said...

both swim... and i will be staking out the second pair.

One said...

Both dope but 2nd Pair are the ones that are doin' the backstroke across the Channel for me!!

Anonymous said...


Sandeep said...

Not really feeling either to be honest, only really like the Jordan V and spiz'ikes

SPECKS said...

no and no.

jordan III and air force hybrid needs to lay low - preferably at the bottom of some £11.99 bargain basket... which will never happen, but still, sink!!!

Anonymous said...

im with specks and i want to drink from her shoe


clav said...

@ the above comment - Drink from her shoe? Damn, that's worse than drinking her bath-water! lol

SPECKS said...
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SPECKS said...


drinking from my shoe... now, thats not such a bad idea

illsun said...

Yo I Ain't drinkin from anyone's shoe

but the 2nd one - SWWWWIIIMMMMMMMMM