I've got love for...

Hoshino Aki - now thats a girl who knows how to work sneakers...As recently featured over at Hypebeast, 10AC have teamed up with nike once again to deliver a strong summer collection. Clean, crisp white on white with the trademark woven features.

Here is my pair of court force lo's that I got from one of Canada's top sneaker boutiques goodfoot.

But in all honesty, I don't like wearing them. Maybe the court force is a butters shoe after all. First off they make my feet look big and my ankles extra small. Not a good look. When the majority of specific women's releases are absolute SHITTTT, the quest for small sizes in the mens range is not an easy one.
But when a girl does it right, she does it right and yes, the boys do stop and stare.
So here is the question... guys what kicks do you like to see females wearing? You know, the shoes that make you want to marry her then and there.
To the girls - what are your favourite trainers to wear?

My pick Jordan 5s (because they partially showed me the way to the premium sneaker and look good with skinnys), stabs, chukkas ... air max 1s... yeah i said air max 1s



Anonymous said...

DUNKS, DUNKS, DUNKS... on my girl all day.

10ac collab is dope

and biz your slippers need to sink.

NO-BIZZI said...


Leave my slippers alone fam

Anonymous said...

slippers are fit........big faneage....ha ha ha
dunks ...air max 90...

EXPLOREdesign said...

nike blazer

1987 nike air hoop canvas (pink) nice

playa said...

what ever that means!???


Anonymous said...

Hoshino Aki would get it. Specks im hoping yours is the same kinda love, if so lets arrange this shit. You can wear whatever kicks you want, but the preference would be air max 90s. dont hate the hood in me.