INSA my yard fam!

So if you read this blog alot you will know i really dig this mans work...

And yes im beaming as i finally got hold of my own piece from the man himself for my birthday!

The ATCN readers who know me well know i don't play when it comes to celebrating my birthday and this friends is just the start! im gonna milk the month of may for all the goodness it can provide!

Black on black!

Now the circle is complete!

Few more big ups...

Firstly Mr Crockett on the launch of A.IN.T And ATCN's own Kish on the freeness (my favorite word)

And my new favorite person in the entire world Reino (from The great frog) and the killer Sterling Silver wallet chain i just collected!

I urge you to design the wildest thing you can and he will make it in any metal you choose! The boy is a beast!!

(ATCN team rings? hmmmmm)

So much has been going on so bare with me as ill upload when i can...

Oh yeah and if you have not made it down to the Cans festival in Waterloo yet, DO SO!
Pictures soon come...



Phoebe said...

Lucky boy!!

Angelicious said...

I love it all! Insa, is a talented fellow.

The tube flick was dope, and the painting is bee-hoot-eeful. I adore texture.

Milk di freeness, my youte!

NO-BIZZI said...

who said the insa piece was free??

i wish!

Angelicious said...

aight love calm down! I read the word freeness and clearly got carried away, ha.

SPECKS said...

I'm thinking... birthday present to yourself? Nobody likes you that much.

mad jealous / want to see this one.

Hater Bassi

NO-BIZZI said...

specks smells