D*FACE gets Hacked...

So i get up this morning, pour some orange juice, log on, check my hotmail and find

If you didn't know already, Spray as You Go managed to deface the web site of notorious "street" artist D*Face after he agreed to do a commission for Christina Aguillera (there were other reasons too obviously, however Christina just made us all aware of D*Faces priorities). The defaced pages were removed when the website was suspended (which is why you get all that garbled "suspended hosting" stuff if you visit his website.), however, the boys at Spray as You Go have managed to not only find your email address, but they have backed up the website defacement for all to see, and you may see the defaced D*Face website in all it s glory over at www.sprayasyougo.com/dfaced

At this point i spat out my O.J and screamed "Viva La Revolucion!"


Do you think he sold out?


Angelicious said...

Hehe, the pic of Christina was actually quite funny.

As for selling out, I don't know. I thought a part of being successful is in some ways becoming a commodity? I don't think people no matter how much they say they won't will in some parts become different with the change in their public profile ......

MistaJam said...

All he seems to have done is accept a commission from Christina Aguillera's husband. All I can see is that dude wants to get paid.

However, the case is different if he was stealing his work as the site suggests...

Even though, it's a pretty vicious attack!

NO-BIZZI said...


a bit harsh if you ask me fam!

Still funny though