From Namibia...

I think I get the award as the most self-indulgent blogger on ATCN between the complaints about my single life and the blatant adverts for the programmes I make. Well today’s post doesn’t disappoint inspired by the photographers of ATCN I bought myself an entry level digital SLR and headed off to the furthest regions of Namibia to chance my eye. So here is a couple of shots from the trip which I’m pretty happy with!

The Namibian Desert

Some Hallmark ish

The world's most grim football pitch

A giraffe trying to kick a zebra in the arse (he missed animal lovers)

Big shout to my boy Notorious (Andy) who killed it with loads of shots over the ten days but I bloody love this last one (is that vain??). For more of Andy's work check him out here



Angelicious said...

*turns central heating back on and sips haterade*

Those pics are DOPE! send us some sun purleaze? Enjoy the rest of ur time out there.

Anonymous said...

1st and last shots are amazing

NO-BIZZI said...

gwaaaaaaaan supa
im sure theres a pitch like that in peckham

Anonymous said...


Samantha Jones said...

I agree one the last one being the best one!!

SPECKS said...

checked out andy dudes pictures...

the way he puts the collage pictures together -AMAZING!!!

illsun, when will there be a flickr good sir?