Will Ferrell isn't funny anymore

when did it go wrong?
Was it when he tried to be serious in Stranger than Fiction? (I have to say I quite liked him in that.)
Semi-Pro wasn't funny, Talledega Nights was average and I hear rumours of an Anchorman 2.

Check this out - it looks so bad I was beginning to think it was fake. Sadly it is real and will be boring popcorn eaters everywhere very very soon.


Saint Patrick said...

There is an alternate movie to the first Anchorman....Its called "Wake Up Ron Burgundy." Holla at me, I can send you the file if you wanna see it.....Check the blog as well....brilliantguymusicgroup.blogspot.com

NO-BIZZI said...




Angelicious said...

Is the film good?

As for the blog, I agree Ferrell isn't so hot, I'm hoping that maybe he will get back to form as I am a fan of him and the collaborations between himself Stiller, Vaughn (who isn't as funny as people make out) errr .... The Owen brothers although sometimes incestuous can acutally be hella funny.