Sorry mate....SOLD OUT!!!

Banksy - Stop and search...sold out

Why is it that when ever i like an artist it gets to the stage really quickly that i just cant get hold of (or afford) their work.
first Banksy and now Antony Micallef.

Antony Micallef - Judgment day...Sold out

Im just happy iv got my Paul insect before the prices get stupid!
Shout to Rem!!!

Is there any point in even trying to buy new work from your favorite artists especially as suddenly all the wanky Hollywood types love street art?


luke aka. mr tropical said...

I hate fucking wanky hollywood types.


Aaronio said...

HAHA! sorry but i saw this and knew it had to be posted here!

"Banksy would doubtless have you believe this print is an ironic comment on the paranoid nature of our security-minded times. But seriously, how much is this guy courting the pink pound? It's got a man in uniform, latex & Dorothy herself all in one spanky package." - melfeasance

EXPLOREdesign said...

love banksy's work, and if you have a spare 30 - 100 grand you could acquire a piece of his work a little out my price range tho...took alot of his insperation from Blek le Rat check him out, works in stencil like banksy.