Want want want

So during yesterdays Photos/Food munching with Matt the kermit supreme posters came up. How funny is it that there isn't one around town that doesn't have loads of poor attempts to peel the thing off the wall!

coincidently i spotted this online during my breakfast/blog check first thing and yes, its another want for the kubrick collection!

Apparently 1,575 yen which works out around seven quid...Whats the bet we end up paying like thirty for it!

Anyone else bored of getting ripped off?

props: ToyBeast


SPECKS said...

im sick of seeing every other skinny little boy in the kermit supreme tee.

i want to kick the shins of most supreme wearers recently.

and dont get me wrong, i like supreme.

rant over.

Anonymous said...

I love supreme but not half the bums wearing it...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what is so special about supreme. Sure they have some nice tops and jackets, but they are fuckin expensive!!