The Roots

Birthday Girl feat Patrick Stump

I love it!

Apparently this was going to be the first single from the new album but across the pond they didnt quite get it (FIGURES)
So its now the "international single" and will not be appearing on the North American release!

Oh and the video also features pornstar.. I mean Adult performance artist Sasha Gray!


Anonymous said...

Is that why their not in the vid then??lol Rick Cordero must be directing every vid out at the moment he's all over everything. Lookin' forwrd to the new Roots LP, Rising Down feat. the Mighty Mos, Styles P and Dice Raw is the joint right now!!

Anonymous said...

its poo

Cat Fobi said...

I agree, anon. Complete boo boo. I hope this isn't reflective of what's to come, I'm not feelin it at all.

NO-BIZZI said...

can some one say style change for le' ching ching?

illsun said...

this whole thing really got my goat.
I'm so bored of the Roots they haven't produced a consistent album since Things Fall Apart. Sign to Def Jam chasing the $$$ and make a weak album and then follow it up with what can only be described as a crap Gym Class Heroes B Side and then bottle it when they got flamed by their own fans. Rising Down is ok but I can't see them ever managing another great album

Rant Over

Cath. said...

yes Illsun.. Gym Class Heroes is the first thing that popped up into my head aswell when hearing this. The song is awight though!

MR W said...

I slyly co sign illsun! they have never managed a things fall apart! im currently listening to Act Too.. the love of my life!

ooo the greatness!