Better Late Than Never

Had an overly stressful weekend and so didn't get a chance to post these photos from last Thursday's Nike Be True exhibition opening. I know that four days is the equivalent of four years in blog-time but thought I'd put em up for your viewing pleasure nonetheless... The event was held at the Loading Bay Gallery in Dray Walk and was full of familiar faces. The exhibition itself runs till the 27th so go check it the next time you head to Gloria's for your fix. Flyer after the pics.

The elusive Mr Magdi Fernandes + Nash

A very smiley Jimmy + Mubi + Friend

Yours truly attempting to pose like a pro and failing miserably.

Some random brer + my brother-from-another-mother Q.

Q and Kish sharing a moment (I'll insert a 'no homo' here on their behalf)

Miss Carri Mundane

Vanessa + Magdi + MR W

Ollie and Shane pulling some interesting facial expressions.

Man about town Kish + Dylan (who fronts a band called 'Shitting Fists'. Love it!)


Anonymous said...

caught the exhibition on friday its dope. I want a massive rubix cube.

NO-BIZZI said...



Phoebe said...

C'mon maaaaaaaaan! Just a little joke innit!

NO-BIZZI said...

i know i know

im more pissed the word brerr has been used on atcn LOL