Am I getting soft??

The reality is most people work in jobs where the hobo look isn't appreciated, have girlfriends who don't appreciate face hugging a mammoth or generally have some sense of grooming. These things mean nothing to me...

I've been cultivating this bad boy for a couple of months now - it's a mixture of pure laziness and singledom but you can't knock it's beauty.
After the joys of chin stroking I had to face facts I was beginning to look homeless so I figured it was time to get myself sorted out so after a recommendation from Mr. Hudson's Myspace Blog I found my way down to Sharp's Barbershop in London.

I'm not really a massive grooming kinda guy but there was something very luxurious about spending an hour chatting football, and sitting with warm towels resting on your face.
The outcome? pretty good - shout to Paul

The debate in my head is now have I become too soft? Is this level of grooming too much or is the new level to be upheld?

Help me Tribers - have I become a Jessie?


NO-BIZZI said...

This is so readers wives!

Anonymous said...

Was thinking the same!!

Unknown said...

F both of you - I'm of to pump some weights to readdress the balance in my life

Angelicious said...

Ah, leave 'im alone!

Looks tres tres better mate, the before pic would make potential mates run a mile, would never have gotten laid!

MistaJam said...


Anonymous said...

yes, you JESSIE!

lol nope, I think it looks fresh.

Anonymous said...

keep shaving love...please keep shaving.

Anonymous said...


Big up Karen giving the word "crunk" some play regardless of its death in terms of relevance and cool in 2006.