Some people are destined, no expected to succeed. Some people blag it or just get daddy to hook it up. Whereas some people just can not be denied.
Tawiah is the latter...

Now I could talk about the brit school,
(naa I'm better than that)
I could talk about who she has toured with,
(too easy)
I could talk about how long I have been supporting / playing her music,
(low beggin')
But what I will do is shut up and just let you listen and discover what's real...

Click HERE for Tawiah's myspace and get the E.P In Jodi's bedroom on iTunes now



Unknown said...

Im so happy you put Tawiah up for record of the week. I've bin talking about this lady for a while and shes amazing live. Great choice!

Unknown said...

Tawiah simply bloody spectacular. I recorded her in session about 3 years ago and she did two tracks that were awesome - Talk About It and Flown Away. Neither are on the EP I figure they are too old now. I might try an dig them out for a ATCN special

NO-BIZZI said...

yeahhhhh g
lets get the unofficial "demo's" mixtape out there!
Theres gold in them there hills!!!

laura said...

great choice!

ATCN special please.