The London African Film Festival

If you grew up in an African household like me, you may have been subjected to the horrors of relentless bad acting, horrific sets and insane story lines that make up African cinema.

If you were lucky enough to dodge what now makes up a small section in HMV or were in the same boat as me now is your chance to finally see some quality film making from Africa.

Between the 29th of November and the 8th of December a celebration of African cinema takes place around the capital with the annual London African Film Festival, featuring UK premieres, Q&A sessions with filmmakers, screenings of silent films and more. Venues include the ICA, the Barbican and the Rich Mix.


Asari said...

lol! u can't knock good ol' "Nollywood". It serves it purpose of being rather entertaining even with all those predictable storylines. However, the film festival looks like it will be quite refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Thank god a real set of african films
big post

S.P. said...

lol don't forget the hair,sfx, make up and the sound effects... you've gotta love nollywood.

If you ever need to get your mum to say yes to something she would normally say no to, switch on nollywood or moviestar

NO-BIZZI said...


or b.e.n