I still believe Arsenal will WIN the league this season.

I think Fabregas should wear the band.

Arsenal will brush Man Utd on Saturday.

I just want to see Fergie get vex & throw his chewing gum into the stands.

I want Tottenham to get relegated.

I have faith in Wenger's 'Youth Policy'.

I think Liverpool should move from the top spot.

I can't wait until Eduardo comes back.

Everybody sing-a-long:

"And it's Arssssenallll,
Arsenal FC!!!
We're by far the greatest team,
The world has ever seen...."



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Anonymous said...

You're both wrong. Very wrong! The Mighty Reds of Liverpool FC rule and the League is ours. To ManUre, Cheshit and Arsene's arseholes--we're not sorry.

Pardeep said...
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Anonymous said...

Chelshit/Chelski/Chavski (take your pick, ya blue scum!)

All shit-talk aside, this is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and exciting seasons in sport in over 20 years, and as a fan of football, I'm loving it! Here's to a great season.

Joe Bananas said...

As a arsenal fan i must thank you for the words of encouragement but to be honest it just ain't gonna happen this year. Without Flames covering every inch of grass infront of them our defence looks weak and the other teams just got stronger. He should concentrate on the FA cup cos thats all we'll win if we actually go for it this season. I love arsene but he needs someone to give him a slap and a coffee and tell him to wake up and spend some dough!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal will not win the league this year, losing already to Hull, Fulham and Stoke without having played any of the so called big teams yet means they have to go the rest of the season unbeaten and hope the others lose another 3/4 games, thats not happening. At the moment Arsenal have no heart or grit when their in a battle until thats sorted they will struggle to beat certain teams.

Being a massive Liverpool fan I would love it to be us be to be honest it will be hard to trun over Man Utd and Chelsea what I hope is that we're in there with a chance in March/April then who knows!!

illsun said...

crazy talk and I'm a season ticket holder

Ginger Kid said...

The CHelsea Blue Boys have it in the bag.

Oh I love Scolari.

Anonymous said...

Dels, were you smoking crack in NYC? :P

FRZI said...

Dels I am with you squire !!!

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

nope. never that. i just love arsenal and i love the banter.

it wont be like this after christmas. trust.

Darth Crookes said...

Goals win games .. but defences win titles !

Prediction .. 4th place if your lucky my friend !

The Almanac said...

Gooners for life....

we play football the proper way, we bring players through the club. Simple. We dont just buy our way to the top a la man united & chelsea...

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

@ almanac & FRZI.

Thats the spirit! :D

brazen said...

speaking as a Tottenham fan

let's be realistic...Arsenal are not going to win the league this year

Tottenham will not get relegated

it was VERY sweet drawing with Arsenal and beating Liverpool.

and finally children....Harry Redknapp for an MBE when the queen starts dishing them out.

Anonymous said...

Have-a-go Harry Redknapp is living proof that it's far better to be lucky than good. After walking out on Portsmouth again (I find it hard to understand why the poor old Pompey fans were so shocked that restless Redknapp would choose to stroll away from tatty Fratton Park), Harry's first game was against shot-shy, hopelessly-managed Bolton.

Then Spurs were outclassed for long periods by both Arsenal and completely dominated by Liverpool and yet managed to get excellent results. No top management required, just outstanding good fortune.

It will be fascinating to see what Harry does with Spurs after his success in turning Portsmouth into one of the most boring teams in Premier League history.

Spurs fans love to live in the distant past when they truly were a big club who played with style and swagger. They probably won't get that, although their comedy defence and thick-as-shit goalie should help keep entertainment levels high.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Sky Sports: It's sweet that Jamie Redknapp clearly loves his dad very much, but please stop employing him as an analyst at games involving Spurs in the near future.

Objective opinions are not what you will get. Redknapp junior even used a newspaper column to claim that his father will turn Spurs into a stylish team.

Really? Where has Redknapp junior been in the last two years – certainly not to many Portsmouth matches.

Fuck Arsenal, fuck Chelshit, fuck Man Ure. Liverpool will win the Premier League this season.

Quimby said...

hold tight everyone throwing those As up

NO-BIZZI said...

Oo to Oo to be
Oo to be a Goooooona

Monty said...

Arsenal aint winning the title fact!! The best Arsenal can hope for is a stab at the FA cup or the Carling Cup!

Arsenals defence is sunday league at best! Silvestre? what a joke, washed out Manc Scum. Even Toure is shaping up to be an absolute flop this season. Gallas will be gone by next season if not sooner, he dont respect Wenger and Wenger certainly dont respect him!

Chelsea for the title, as much as i dont wanna see it.

Anonymous said...

Once the Arsehole scum go ANOTHER season without a shred of silver, the don Cesc Fabregas will be a goner, not a gooner. Remember these words.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone for another 5 -1 bashing in the cup?