Baraka (1992) is a non-narrative film directed by Ron Fricke, the same cinematographer from the amazing, might send you a bit crazy, Koyaanisqatsi. Baraka was filmed using mostly time-lapse photography in order to capture the essence of what is... humanity.

Filmed in 152 locations in 24 countries, it's a must see film in my eyes. Hit play on the two minute trailer and see what you think.

I'd almost forgotten about this wonderful film, until just recently.
Baraka meaning blessed...
Baraka meaning...



Anonymous said...

looks amazing

Anonymous said...

why can nobody else on this blog do posts as interesting and funny as that ginger kid guy?

Anonymous said...

comedy is good. but broaden your mind fool. educate your mind further than some cheap laughs.

calling ginger kid interesting and funny. Was that a joke itself?

Not seen baraka, didn't know about it. Have seen Koyaanisqatsi though and it is amazing. Baraka looks to be the same. Much bigger than a film.

Anonymous said...

specks & ginger kid = the best two

Ginger Kid said...

Whats going on here then?
I am the cheap laugh king, I like nothing better.

Oh and BIG POST specks. She runs this...trust.

gary pounder said...

will blockbusters have it ?

SPECKS said...

LOL at all of this.

This post was not supposed to be funny... so thats a sound observation.

The trailer doesn't really do such an AMAZING film justice. Honestly, its amazing. You just have to watch it in full.

Gary Pounder I'm not sure if blockbuster will have it. Why don't you try and get it and report back to me.


Ginger Kid said...

The anon comment about me being the best has a bit of truth to it though.

lil naked boi said...

will prime time have it?
oh no, they are out of business, shit..

i went out with clothes on today. but when i was waiting at the bus stop, the wind blew them off.

something tells me god wants me to be naked.

nathan said...

baraka my meaning the truth, the hope, the blessing.

every blog and its brother is talking barack right now, and rightly so. but gotta say props to atcn on the thoughtful intelligent obama connection in this post. so relevant.

FRZI said...

specks...one of my top 10 films...
the scenes in New York...shows you haw the streets are arteries and the cars the blood flow...see how the city is a living thing...amazing...the favelas & the children working...visual joy & pain...
be well.

gary pounder said...

i am off to town to ask for it now

it is newmarket so it will probably be a no

SPECKS said...

FATS KNOWS. description is on point!

visual joy and pain is the real truth.

top ten... easy.

Ginger Kid said...

Specks you have only seen 14 films.

johnny come lately said...

SPECKS favourite films:

10. One our Photo
9. Babe: Pig in the City
8. E.T
7. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom menace
6. Brokeback Mountain
5. Batman & Robin
4. Baraka
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory
1. Jackass: Number Two

Ginger Kid said...

You forgot Ghostbusters 2.

SPECKS said...


I've seen 3 of the films in that top ten selection... one being charlie and the chocolate factory. great film.

GK shut up and go back to school. you chat shit!

johnny come lately said...

GINGER KID'S favourite films:

10. Jaws 4: The Revenge
9. Dude, Where's My Car
8. Alien vs. Predator 2: Survival of the Fittest
7. Freddy vs. Jason
6. House of Wax
5. Ghostbusters 2
4. Love Actually
3. Alien vs. Predator
2. Schindler's List
1. Police Academy 4

Anonymous said...

ginger kid got TOLD.


lil naked boi said...

Specks talking the hardest
Specks better come up in your thoughts as an artist

gary pounder said...

they didnt have it im afraid

i asked for a manager though however he wasnt there.

marks out of eleven for customer satisfaction -1

FRZI said...


Just go out & buy it !!!