Wassup 08

Blogger seems to have randomnly deleted my post from earlier today so lets have another go:

Shout to the DZL on this one, here is a reversion of the 'classic' beer advert from 8 years ago with the annoying catchphrases.

It's got some really nice touches to and seems to hit a lot of relevant points in a clever way. Have a watch - just don't start saying Wassup...


Anonymous said...

sick the guy in Iraq made me laugh - some pretty clever shit

bloomberg said...

Director Charles Stone III’s original 2000 “Wassup!” commercial for Anheuser-Busch may be one of the best-known TV ads ever made. It’s easily the most parodied. Not only did it inspire take-offs, and some of the internet’s first viral videos, twisting the bit’s tagline around everything from Transformers to a Jewish brit milah, but Anheuser-Busch even followed up with their own riffs, like that yuppie-themed one.

That was right before Bush trashed America, though, and illsun's post of “Wassup 2008,” Stone and his boys, having suffered the last eight years’ untrammeled evil, return jobless, absent health insurance, mired in Iraq, grasping at vanishing 401Ks (pension stuff), and helplessly battling what looks like Hurricane Katrina’s big sister—until, at the piece’s end, they get a glimpse of the dawning Obama Age.

It’s probably the best satire of the original ad yet. I don’t know what’s cooler: The way Stone densely packs each escalating moment of the new work with biting commentary, or that, effectively, he’s doing this on Budweiser heiress Cindy McCain’s dime.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

@ Bloomberg - great comment thanks for the some sense on the boards