Promo Snap For 808 & Heartbreaks

The new look KanYe...
or SWIM?


Anonymous said...

Kanye is the coolest. His hair is looking nappy though.

Anonymous said...


get him a comb!!!

Anonymous said...


joshpowell said...

Looking like Fonzworth Bentley in that, pshhht!


Booga said...

minus the heart pin, I've seen pics of my dad rockin that exact outfit 30-odd years ago! lmao.
personally- i give him kudos for rockin naps.
<3 your residential reverend wright

stush said...

the napps i don't mind at all... but urkel with a beard gets a hell no from me


Anonymous said...


Ginger Kid said...

It Swims for me.
But I love Kanye.


Roc money said...

That looks quite fake. Look at the edges around him...Bad photo shop.

Not really feeling his "new" sound either which is'nt really new but rather something Akon, T Pain, Weezy, Snoop and a gang of other tone def rappers have done to death.

And here I was thinking Ye was a trendsetter.

I however do like his fashion aesthetic.

Not looking forward to this album, the man on the moon album is however, greatly anticipated.

Anonymous said...

@booga. you're not a "residential rev. wright", baby! just learn to think before you type some of your provocative opinions on race (whether we agree disagree, just have your facts right!) and everything's alright! We love you here, girl!

Booga said...

@ anon-
Thanks for the love. The rev. sign off was just a joke, though.

I've chosen to agree to disagree. My comments were taken WAAAY out of context, and I see which way this audience leans anyway.

<3 Rev. booga Wright

Booga said...

And before THAT can be taken outta context, I'm not speaking of "way this audience" leans in terms of race, but rather, concept.

Ruby Tunafish said...

swims! kanyes always flipping it and this new look is much more real than that bentley butler.