New Grace Jones...Strange' Dharling

When i was a kid this woman used to shit me up!
Who can forget the pantie's sequence from Boomerang?!
"Pleased to have you on my plate" LOL
Sink or Swim?


Shenanigan said...

Three words. Black Don't Crack.

At 60 she is killing it! OMG. This is a SWIM MOS DEF. (I proudly know all the words to Boomerang and do a great Jones impression)

Corporate Cannibal...the essence of sex?

stush said...

yup shes still got it... im grown now and i was slightly scared still.

that is one scary, sexy lady.

William Adam said...

shes scared the crap out of me with that hi top fade

Booga said...

Amen Shenanigan, Black don't crack- seriously! I can't believe she's 60 already!

Heidi said...

That is one weird ass song. It's fairly inoffensive but the imagery - the repetitive type visuals of Grace's face melting and morphine into black and white lines and blurs and blobs, all kinda rub me the wrong way. This woman scared me shitless back in the 1980s and twenty years later she's still managing it! Ps - can someone remind me of the panties scene in Boomerang? Was it that she made him smell her panties or something random like that?

Shenanigan said...

In shock! one of the best scenes. How could anyone forget! She rubs her panties in the doctors face proclaiming that, that smell is the essence of sex. Volia!

Anonymous said...


id still do er

Heidi said...

My bad! How could I have forgotten that! lol!