The 'I Do Not Exist' workshop*

Myself (DELS) and Christopher Barrett of Us Design Studio initially developed the concept and visual branding for the 'I Do Not Exist' workshop in 2006. After making a few important contacts, I am pleased to say that in early 2009 our project will finally come to full fruition. The 'I Do Not Exist' workshop teaches young people to understand the importance of design in our environment. Each young person will take part in various art based activities that will introduce them to different disciplines within design. The school corridor display (below) was created to encourage young people to see how a world without design could not function, therefore, highlighting it's impact on the everyday.

[School Corridor display]

[Fun pack - Sketchbook & Tee]
[My little brother rockin' the I.D.N.E tee]
The I Do Not Exist workshop will be delivered in the south-east area of England. Specifically targeting places that don't have regular access to contemporary art & design. Hopefully, this will inspire a few young people to take up a career within design in the future.

*All images and concept are subject to copyright. 2006-2008.


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this is pretty clever stuff.


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I love this. your little bro is cute!!!

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Nice stuff dels

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Shenanigan said...

love it. can you make one for me and put on the back of a skirt..this is not an arse. i do not exsist.it was never designed

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@She-nang. lol

but ur batty was designed by GOD?

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yes this true, so put this is not an arse, it does not exsist, it was not desgined it was created..lol