Could you / would you?

At 51 Russel Simmons is a great example of how Yoga can better your mind and body but on the real, as good as yoga is supposed to be, I cant see me or any of my boys breaking out the lotus down the park this weekend... and before you say it - NO HOMO.

Ladies, do you do yoga? have you tried the hot as hell bikram yoga? and most importantly could you persuade your fella to go as i really want to get fit but this is some other shit!


Lola Funkland said...

I've gone to a few beginner classes and I must say it was better than a usual workout. Its really to help you stretch in certain areas that will better help you in other activities, workouts and sports...
I'd say a DEFINITE for you to try. Not all like it but don't knock it til you try it.


tel said...

I heard people fart loads in yoga

im down for it as long as im not in spandex!!!!!!!!!!!

Booga said...

I do yoga (on an on and off basis) and always feel great after a session. Bikram is my favorite because you sweat and fatigue yourself like a proper workout, but you still get the benefits of stretching and that zen feeling. Plus the heat speeds up your progress.

I have gotten my past 3 boyfriends to do it, and a few of the homeboys. It can improve athletic performance (no pun intended) and prevent injury, when I flipped it like that, I guess it was a little more acceptable to them.