Class Of 09

XXL Magazine have done very well with their December edition, so let's take a look at the 'Class of 09'

Who has 2009 in the bag? Who is the nicest? Who is going to graduate and go platinum? As Semtex said on his blog will Eminem releasing the same time as Asher Roth hinder Asher because of the VERY BORING AND LAZY comparisons? I'm going for Asher Roth, Kid Cudi and Cory Gunz. Three very sick MC's coming from across the pond! But who are you going for?
Wale, B.O.B, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, Kid Cudi, Blu, Mickey Factz, Corey Gunz, Ace Hood, Curren$y??

ginger kid


Anonymous said...

Asher roth is the sickest. His mixtape is maaaaaad good. Kid Cudi is also the future.

Eminem and Asher Roth arent similar in content, just in skin colour and tone of voice.

bbb said...

mickey factz has been puttin out very solid mixtapes back2back this year, he aint let me down yet.

kid cudis 'a kid called cudi' is very impressive, big things poppin.

Blu is also sick.

are they only doing solo artists?? Pac Div should get a mention too, and this one other guy i cant remember the name..

but out of them my fave and i will put my money on is MICKEY!

listen to 'Machine Gun' he kills that Portishead track. ergh


wow no mention of big sean...
im suprised

where can i find some asher roth material

johhny come lately said...

google asher roth and go on his myspace.

Shenanigan said...

Blu IS the nicest. absolutely fucking adorable, not to mess with his street cred or anything..

Roc money said...

Asher Roth is a poor man's Eminem. Albeit, VERY sub par.

All my peoples in the industry are still trying to figure out what it is about him that people seem to think is ill, I myself am still wondering. Apart from being a white college frat boy. He has nothing else going to make me even raise a brow...Sorry, Eminem has cornered the white boy rapper market. Anyone else that is'nt named Ill Bill or MC Serch does not get a look in -Throws tomatoe at Roth -

Class of 09

Blu - Kid is nice...Like REALLY nice.

CuDi - He's bringing a different angle to the game plus he's with G.O.O.D. Music and the hipsters love him. Cha ching!

Wale - Both mix tapes where fire plus his Nigerian so I gotta support.

Curren$y - If you have not heard "Life at 40,000 feet" Kill yourself. I'm still trying to figure out why Wayne dropped him only to sign and promote Tyga, really Wayne, really?

Cory Gunz - Hmmmm...hard to call, if he could not do it the first time round, what makes him so sure he can do it now?

Everyone else is hot garbage on a stick.

And why the hell is Drake not mentioned?

You motherfuckers you, XXL!

Roc money said...

Oh Factz is nice.

His two N.E.R.D inspired mix tapes kept my head nodding two summers ago.

GFCNYC, what you know bout that?

Anonymous said...

B.O.B man! that dude is different! feeling him, trust me he's got some goodies up his sleeve...Don't think wale is gonna connect and translate over, same goes for factz, however both are very sick.

Kid cudi is dope too..I kinda agree with roc money on Asher. I wouldn't go as far as him as to say he's a poor man eminem but I too don't see what everyone else is seeing in him...

joey_u said...

am i the only kid around that likes charles hamilton?

Anonymous said...

wale, charles hamilton, blu and mickey. rest are all poo

Neyull said...

Hamilton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_.

Factz is good...
Cudi is aiight, his raps get a little boring.

Asher Roth isn't anything special, he only has a few HOT tracks.

Anonymous said...