ART ON ATCN: Kenyon Bajus

Above is a selection of work from artist Kenyon Bajus. If you don't know, get to know. He recently teamed up with The Hundreds to deliver one of THE strongest Obama inspired tees I've seen to date... and boy have there been a lot.
Satirical, daring and often infused with a dose of dark humour, Kenyon B is one to watch.
Kenyon is a featured artist on many online art stores, I got a heads up from the man himself that there is a half price sale of his work only at his official site. So go grab that signed and numbered print while they last.
If you guys are anything like me and frugality runs in the blood, head over there, enjoy that half price sale, and then enjoy it that bit more as trade is in those weak dollar, dollar bills.
Kenyon B is making those NEXT moves... love it, hate it, find it offensive or funny.... art should always get people talking.
So does Kenyon B SINK or SWIM on tribe?
For more of his work and the online sale click here.



Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

I quickly popped on the Kenyonb.com site to see how good this guy is. Hmm.. I'm still not sure how much I rate him - but he did good with this shirt. I really like the hip hop type 'Fear of a Black Nation' theme. Not sure it was intentional - but digging the black background that makes it looks like Obama has a BIG ASS Afro. I'd wear it... in fact Specks... lemmie know when you're getting your shirt - I want one too! (ps - I'm serious) (pps.. ooops - didn't mean to delete the last comment!)

Anonymous said...

oh shit. the vomit series is deep. the original images are so iconic and disturbing then he flips it with the McDonalds reference.

agree with heidi also. the tshirt smashes it. im sure it was intentional.

vomit is little wrong and right all at the same time. so i say swim.

ABOUT ME said...

the second 1 is fire, the hamburger (gu)