Would You?

Fellas take note... corduroy is a strong look. I for one certainly have a thing for guys who can work that Trevor McDonald kind of cool.

Alife NYC's
fall 2008 footwear collection is looking increasingly desirable as they mix the Everybody Mid with a sexy all over corduroy upper. I don't care that they are kind of ugly... i'm sold!!!


Have I gone too far?

Do they SINK or SWIM ?



yeahisaidit said...

the geography teacher look is a good one.

corduroy rocks.

bring back corduroy elbow pads.

denim isn't everything.

Booga said...

I concur. corduroy is the bee's knees

SPECKS said...

the ladies have spoken...

clav said...

I've backed corduroy jackets with suede patches (or for those who REALLY know, moleskin) for years - and I mean years when those joints were NOT being backed by chicks. Some things never go out of fashion as far as I'm concerned.

But back to the topic in questions - they ARE a little ugly but I do like the red ones... a bit.

yeahisaidit said...

would you prefer if they had the weird Rift toe-seperator bit, Clav?

clav said...

No I wouldn't hun. Thanks for asking though! ;-)

colinhu said...

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