Women of the African Ark





Being completely fascinated by the women of Africa and being enthralled by the Maasai tribes, I thought it was right that I share one of many passions which is collecting variations of African art and photography. Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fischer travelled around the continent, sleeping rough to put together images for Women of the African Ark. The beauty in the female adornment is truly captivating and puts a whole new meaning to high maintenance. These images are from my personal favourite calendar from 2006.

You may see me running around in African cloth as Sideshow Black caught me recently, my inspirations lie purely in these women. My next step is to experience Africa in all it's glory.

Anyone planning to go? Or Been?


Booga said...
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Booga said...

Gorgeous photos! I wouldn't be surprised if model scouts started (if they haven't already been) nosing around the Maasai villages.

My (half) siblings are half Cameroonian and have all lived in Cameroon at least a year or two each. So that's at the top of my list whenever I a)get a job that pays more and/or b)stop my freewheeling spending habits. South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco and Egypt also have high priority.

Also, I forget where the Dogone are from, but I want to go there and check out their advanced Astronomy structures.

johnny come lately said...

what's africa?

never heard of it.

Tina Turnover said...

The first image is...
(as our good friend would say)


Kenya is the NUTS....I passed through Nairobi and drove to Mombassa via Naivasha ....in a random mans taxi that I borrowed....it was still better than those Jersey buses though!!!


stush said...

East Africa the most beautiful place i have ever been on this earth, uganda,tanzania,zanzibar...the kenyan coast. the food, the people, the culture.

i finally understood how beautiful i am when i went home and saw where i come from.

Shenanigan said...

Stush I too want to experience this so it can have that impact on me.

TT Haaa haaa that horrendous quest to NY- anything beats those Jersey buses!! I had to end that day with well deserved burrito.

I am contemplating a tribal wives type of get away in Kenya? Fancy it..

Booga said...

Jersey burrito? Ewww! East coast taco shops are a joke, IMO

SPECKS said...

beautiful images.

Shenanigan said...

@ Booga. Hell no was my burrito from Jersey. (No offense to any NJ peeps)

it was most definitely purchased in Brooklyn! Ya can't knock BK for their food

Booga said...

Sorry Shenanigan, but when it's comes to Mexican food, I'm going to have to. Any type of Asian or Islander cuisine, NY has on lock, but Mexican food, nahhhhh. Next time fly to the West coast, our burritos are worth it. ;)
(oh, and before anyone can say, yes I know burritos are technically American, but really they are rolled up tacos, so everything about it except the rolled up tortilla, and maybe ish like cheese, is Mexican.

West Coast Burrito's 4 Life!
*it ain't easy being a thug*

Shenanigan said...

without going 2 off topic...

considering it was my first burrito
(so desperate to try one!) I can't realllly judge. But my next stop is the west coast so all will be revealed!

crikey I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

NO-BIZZI said...


Booga said...

Your first burrito? Oh, okay. Well in that case, I do believe congrats are in order. lol. Fyi, when you make it out here, the more run down the taco shop looks= the better the food.
Okay, yes, I'm making myself hungry too and I'm hella off topic...

Anonymous said...

A large part of African arts and crafts is traditional arts, which were deeply woven into the daily life and culture of the different African peoples, and now found on display in most museums. African arts and crafts are often found in the form of statues, figures and figurines, as well as decorative cloths, and musical instruments, particularly drums. Most African art is sculpture, with statues in human form as the most popular, as these statues serve to give praise or tribute to a great leader, or an honorable man or woman.