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Above is the design for new identity cards as unveiled by home secretary Jacqui Smith earlier today.

Ministers are arguing that...
The cards will boost national security, tackle identity fraud, prevent illegal working and improve border controls.
But opponents say ID cards are unnecessary, costly and impinge liberty. There are also fears about the security of personal data after a string of government data loss blunders.
From 2011 everyone over the age of 16 applying for a passport will have their details added to a national identity register. Which will include such private data as fingerprint records and i'm speculating on such details as favourite ice cream flavour.
Apart from the fact that in all my current ID pictures I look a bit like a monster, I'm leaning towards the introduction of these cards. If only it was that simple though.
Read a little more here.
Thoughts people. Does this make you feel angry? Are you apathetic towards the whole thing?

TO ID or NOT to ID...? that is the question.



Josey Rebelle said...

Identity cards are in no way going to stop crime or terrorism.

There is one reason for them and one reason only: to take us into a Big Brother state where the agencies in control know every single thing about every single citizen.

Oh, sorry, there's another reason: to make money from selling details of our everyday habits to any marketing company that asks nicely.

The government and other agencies that have been entrusted with our personal data have so far proved to be totally incapable of protecting it adequately. How many times have we seen stories on the news again and again about missing laptops and CDs containing personal data of adults and even children?

If ID cards come about, it is only a matter of time before such details as your 'favourite ice cream flavour', your credit rating, your medical history, the results of your last smear test, whether you've had an abortion or not, details of every website you visit etc etc ad infinitum are, at best, being browsed by some nosey marketing intern or civil servant admin on his lunch break, or, at worst, sitting discarded on a park bench waiting for some criminal to pick it up and take over your entire identity.

Trust me, ID cards are bad news. Anyone who says 'if you've got nothing to hide then it shouldn't matter' needs to think a bit more about what they're gonna do when the police come knocking at their door because some computer glitch has mistakenly placed them at the scene of a crime.

LET'S GET ANGRY ABOUT THIS SHIT! And if you haven't yet read 1984 then make sure you do because the clocks will be striking thirteen very soon in a city near you.

NO-BIZZI said...

Welcome back Jo

Unknown said...

I agree with Josephine on her point about them not being able to prevent terrorism or crime.. It really doesn't make any sense as people will always find ways around rules and laws as they have done for years.

They will give police yet another reason to stop and search.. and we all know who they will be targeting first.

Who wants to spend a night in a cell for not carrying your iD as can happen in France..?

Also I'm sure that if you lose your ID card they will charge us to replace them which is bollocks really... especially if you dont want one in the first place.

I am most definitely against the introduction of ID cards.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to fuckin 1984. Are you fucking kidding me, you leaning for the induction of these cards? Illuminati - get learning money.

laura said...


there are pros and cons...

and bandwagons...

and sometimes even a devils advocate.

im simply encouraging debate.

I highlighted this news piece for a reason. why? because i think its important.

[AS YOU WERE... discuss]

Luke GK said...

No I.D cards please Mr. Brown.

clav said...
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clav said...
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clav said...

These cards are gonna come into effect whether we want them to or not. It's already a foregone conclusion.

Next up, RFID Verichips. If you don't know anything about them, Google it. It's some scary shit but it's coming believe me.

Anonymous said...

its was only a matter of time... next they're gonna want to chip us and track our every move and I'm not down with the Antichrist. plus where there is Nigerians there is a way... i bet they are already working on a way around this lol.

i think we should all move to Africa and the middle east and start again.

FRZI said...

'Halt Bitte...Papers Please'

I am so down with Josephine on this...yes I have missed you too.

All about giving Statisticians an almighty Wank Fest, & allowing all & sundry to be cubby holed into pretty little boxes.

But as Clav said they are coming & we will pay for them with some little hidden tax increase that the powers that be will try & dust over with something else.

Soon GPS Chips will be added so we can be blasted by Laser from Space when we 'Jay Walk'

Ooh I do love a good Police State.

Be Well.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Gordon Brown woke up one day and though 'I know what will be a good idea, identity cards'. No, he didn't. It wasn't his decision because he has no power over big decisions like this. Who will benefit from ID cards? Well the people who found Mr. Brown of course.

If I got stopped and asked to reveal my identity card, I would whip out my cock, and tell them 'good day'.

brazen said...

I'm down with the phine (FEEN)

Josephine summed it up well.

ID cards are BOLLOX

Luke GK said...

LNB(lil naked boi)

you should tatoo your face and date of birth on your cock. that would be nice.

But i agree with Naked Boi. As usual. He speaks the most sense guys.

Real Talk.

Anonymous said...

All systems are open to abuse, and this one is no different. But this system will be like a master on/off switch to your life.

LL said...

I aint feeling this ID card ting at all, the government have lost ppl personal data way too many times. Now they want more info, all on one chip, if u lose or your card get stolen, then someone can read all ur info on the card.

Identity theft will be on the rise.

The government aint serious.


Phoebe said...

I love Josephine.

Anonymous said...

Better believe something is happening.


Heidi said...

I doah business what anyone wants to say - this ID card business this is pure Enemey of the State type f*ckery! If a person wants to remain hidden and dodge immigration they can do it easily. All this ID card does is collect sensitive information about millions of people in the UK which someone will eventually have on an unsecure disk then "accidentally" lose on a train somewhere! The need to go back to the drawing board with this idea

Anonymous said...

I would quite like one as i don't know who the hell i am. On a serious note, they're a poor idea.....

"Cards with centralised database could be used to track anyone's movements and private life, thus endangering privacy. The proposed British ID card will involve a series of linked databases, to be managed by the private sector. Managing disparate linked systems using a range of institutions and any number of personnel is alleged to be a security disaster in the making." by Wiki