The Soloist

Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx star in what looks like a gem.
Sink or Swim?



Anonymous said...

Most definitely SWIM. Great post to serve a heads-up for the ATCN massive, Biz. To anyone who's interested for the whole story on how 'The Soloist' came about, click the link for an interview below with Steve Lopez (the guy Downey Jr. plays) on Tavis Smiley's talk show.


Anonymous said...

The first link left out the final 'L'. Hope this works.


FRZI said...

a def swim...amazing, looks like a film that will sit with you for a while.

Anonymous said...

good spot

Booga said...

swim. i might actually check it out in the theatres, and I'm not prone to do that.

Anonymous said...

ive always thought jamie fox looked a slight bit "special"

film is a swim though

mee said...

swim 4real......it look like another great performance from both actors.

Anonymous said...

Official Science:

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr., Catherine Keener, Tom Hollander, Lisa Gay Hamilton
Directed by: Joe Wright
Screenplay by: Susannah Grant
Producers: Gary Foster, Russ Krasnoff
Executive Producer: Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Jeff Skoll, Patricia Whitcher


In “The Soloist,” an emotionally soaring drama about the redemptive power of music, journalist Steve Lopez (Oscar® nominee Robert Downey Jr.) discovers Nathaniel Anthony Ayers (Oscar® winner Jamie Foxx), a former classical music prodigy, playing his violin on the streets of L.A. As Lopez endeavors to help the homeless man find his way back, a unique friendship is formed, one that transforms both their lives. “The Soloist” is directed by Joe Wright (Golden Globe winner for Best Drama and Oscar® nominee for Best Picture “Atonement”).

DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures
In Association with StudioCanal and Participant Media
A Krasnoff/Foster Entertainment Production
A Working Title Production

The bad news: It doesn't come out in the UK until February 6, 2009, dammit! 5 months away (just in time to grab an Oscar nod though, methinks!)

Kish said...