NEXT? ON ATCN: Micachu & The Shapes

is my favourite up and coming artist right now. I can't wait until her album finally drops. She is currently studying composition at College and is Matthew Herbet's protegé. Micachu describes her music as Experimental-Pop and is influenced by genres such as Garage, R'n'B and the late composer Harry Partch.

Check out 'Just In Case', 'Lone Ranger' and 'Turn Me Weller' via her Myspace here. You will also find that her 'Filthy Friends' mixtape is availabe for FREE download - it features snippets of unfinished songs, woozy vocals and grime beats she produced herself. Man Like Me, Toddla T and the Golden Silvers make guest appearances.

I wish I had video footage to show how crazy her live show is... but I don't. Micachu makes her own instruments and tends to bring a hoover on stage (it makes a good electronic sound). So go and see her live show, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Check out her myspace here.

Thoughts? Is Micachu NEXT?


Anonymous said...

this girl is the shit. i like it. great spot delboy.

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Pop Lock and Drop said...

Their at college ? I always thought they were about 15 ! Amazing talent nonetheless