New from pete philly & perquisite

Who knew the dutch could do it this well?
Never heard of them? Well Insomnia off the 2005's 'mindstate'
will have you saying whaaaaat!!!

Sink or Swim?


Akbar said...
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Ginger Kid said...

kinda shit.

but kinda alright.


Pop Lock and Drop said...

How can you like the cool kids and call this shit ? Granted this isn't the best song of the album, but their work with talib kweli and "grateful" blow anything that the cool kids have previously down out the water.

Anonymous said...

@ p,l&d. It's just typical hipster dick'eads jumping on the bandwagon instead of appreciating real talent.
fuck 'em

NO-BIZZI said...

Sorry G.K

Im with anon

There is alotta bandwaggon hoppin in hip hop and the real tends to be forgotten...

Get the album mindstate...real music

uhh said...

they are doop mayne!
I know perquisite irl, and believe me they're not on some bandwagon shit.
theyve got that real shit.

Ginger Kid said...

sorrrryyyy guyyyys!

BUT...I'm not really feeling it. I will listen to it again and give it another chance.

However, Cool Kids are dope, turn Gold & A Pager, Black Mags and Mickey Rocks up to 11 on your speakers and just nod your head away. The Bake Sale is my shit and you cant tell me noooothing. However it does get a bit samey if I'm honest.

colinhu said...

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