Mercury Music Prize


are you serious?

I'm not writing any more or getting any images,

but I will repeat myself


are you serious?


Anonymous said...

Fix Burial didn't even show up he knew he weren't gonna win

Pop Lock and Drop said...

It frustrates me that an album as aurally perfect as burials' didnt get the true recognition it deserves, yet some rich age-ing northern bastards get the glory once again.
The simple fact of the matter is, that Burial hasn't just created the best british album of 2008, he has created (in my opinion) one of the greatest musical landscapes of all time, and regardless of awards it will stand the test of time. For that he should be proud, and for me, eternally grateful.

illsun said...

I'm with you PL&D

I really liked the Burial album and wanted Benga to get a look in.

Most Mercury albums take a 20% sales bump in these few weeks so hopefully that will help on the road to whatever he wants to make next

Ginger Kid said...

shut iiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Elbow are the shit.

Burial stayed at home, your not banksy mate, you just make shit songs, nobody cares who you are, just fuck off.

Gary Pounder said...

Here Here I say

How can u even hate Elbow they make beautiful music you idiot

NO-BIZZI said...


this is gonna get rather opinionated...

illsun said...

GK - breaking ranks here but...

the fact Burial isn't a pop star should be applauded in this age of shit celeb shows.

I'll stand by any man who wants to get a job done with his music rather than an OK press shoot.

gary pounder said...

Your hardly going to see Elbow in OK magazine are you though

Adele maybe

But not Elbow

illsun said...

The NME is no better than OK magazine

both rags that build celebs and then tear them down when they move on fickle little buggers

lil naked boi said...

Elbow are actually good, don't dis-track.

Burial? Good but 'created one of the greatest musical landscapes of all time' don't get a jiffy - if by that you mean ripped off Aphex Twin.

No mention of nakedness today.

Neyull said...

Burial was never gonna win, he doesn't want people to know who he is - he was never intending on appearing.

They would never give the award to someone not even planning on showing up.

Mercurys has been waste for yeaaaaars.

Soon as you win, you get shit.

Look at Dizzee
Look at Dynamite

illsun said...

dizzee sold two more gold albums and landed a 5 week number 1

there is no curse of the mercury

clav said...

@ neyull - there's no curse at all, I'm firmly with illsun on that.

Previous winners include Primal Scream, M People (OK, I can allow that one!), Suede, Pulp, Portishead, Roni Size, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys... And you're telling me they ALL got shit after winning?

C'mon dude, you kidding me!?

Ginger Kid said...

Elbow are less like 'popstars' then Burial. The reason elbow have been goingfor 14 years and are just starting to get their shine is because they were never in the NME.

He is just an attention seeker, by not appearing he knows he is going to be the most talked about. He is a dickhead. His music is like aphex twin and the streets but NO WHERE NEAR as good.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up you ginger haired cretin. They are not at the top of their game after 14 or so years, because simply put they're shit. You dont have to ride the dick of NME and MTV to get to the top of your game, obviously it helps but its not neccesary. It's about talent and writing memorable songs, which apparently they do neither off.

He is as far from an attention seeker as you can get namely because hes FUCKING ANONYMOUS. Usually people who want to stay anonymous do so for the reason of not wanting to be in the limelight, not to create media hype around it.

Ginger Kid said...


Don't you get it, by remaining anonomous he is attention seeking.

By not turning up to an awards ceremony you are attention seeking.

He wouldnt have the same spotlight on him if he wasn't anonomous, AND HE KNOWS THAT.

Simply put, im not a fan.

You wasteman.