Dels + theCocknBullKid at The Elgar Rooms

The last time I went to the Royal Albert Hall it was to attend a Lisa Stansfield concert with my Aunt. For reasons that I still don't fully understand, she had decided that it would be a fun thing for us to do together. Thus, despite coming out with every excuse known to man, I somehow found myself being made to stand up and clap whilst hordes of middle-aged couples sang 'All Around the World' in cheerful unison. Anyone who knows me will know that there is one thing I am not, and that is a clapper. It was possibly one of the most distressing experiences of my life and since then, any mention of the venue in question has sent involuntary shudders down my spine.

Luckily, that scarring memory and the negative word association has been partially eradicated by the altogether more enjoyable time I had at the Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Rooms last night. I was there to watch ATCN's very own DELS perform and I'm pleased to report that he was very, very good. Nice beats, nice rhymes and most importantly, nice trainers. (Just kidding about that last part, obviously.) What wasn't nice were the photos that I took. Unfortunately I lack the photography skills of some of my more talented fellow bloggers so the images below are about the best I could do. Sorry folks.

Next up was theCocknBullKid herself a.k.a. Anita Blay. I'd heard mention of Ms. Blay in various magazines and blogs but had no idea that she writes and performs her own songs- I'd somehow got it into my head that she is full time producer, but a quick bit of Google-ing suggests that I got that all wrong. (I think?) Again, I'm pleased to report that I very much liked what I heard. Her songs have that instantly appealing quality that always comes as a relief when you go to hear an unfamiliar artist perform. Sometimes you really have to make an effort to like something that's outside your musical comfort zone, but not so with theCocknBullKid. To quote my friend Jenny: "That's an album I would buy." Couldn't have put it better myself.




Ginger Kid said...

Nice post phoebe!

ANyone notice that I plainly have jacked Vis' fours pose.

well i never?! lol said...

dels has a baby face. hahaha.
dels how old are u? 19? 20?

i think the photos are cool phoebe. nice post. looks like a cool night.

im gonna check out both their music now... never hear it before!
i thought u were just a designer delboy? im intrigued.

SPECKS said...

one word. NEXT.

good kids reppin the fours.

big up phoebe on the snaps.

Anonymous said...

Looks ill!

gwan dels

Anonymous said...

Dels is swag

LA Trash said...

ginger kid - u covering a cold sore with your 4s?

Ginger Kid said...

naaa dont get anything like that.

im just biting vis' style.

erm. no.... said...

sorry anonomous...

but dels is big in the game.

keep doing ur ting dels.