Calling all Haters...

I have been called a hater three times this week and I've decided today I'm just going to embrace it:

pick one thing you hate right now
and chuck it up in the comments

I'll kick it off:

Bonus tracks on albums which are preceded by 6 mins of silence, what's the bloody point?? Most of them are junk and they fill up space on my itunes. They are the digital version of an encore where you come back on stage and play records no-one has ever heard before - play the hits you tossers (oh hang on that;s two things but you get my gist

Calling all Anon's get involved what's getting your goat?

Need inspiration?? - hear from the dons of the game (shout to Jam - original hater)


FRZI said...

I hate..HATE !!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the girl in my office who talks really loudly about how much work she has, shreds every document for no reason and talks really loudly on the phone

Anonymous said...

the kids on public transport and in town centres that feel the need to play out dated tunes from thier mobiles on loud speaker and then compound the issue by singing along to them. like it looks good or sounds good for that matter.

Crack sales up from last week! said...

I hate girls with moustaches and too much arm hair!

Also i aint feelin low jeans with trackie bottoms underneath, then shorts then some nasty boxers!! why do dutty little unwashed bwoy on my estate do this?

Also people that dont pay attention when their doo-doo stains the bottom of the toilet.

FRZI said...

I am down with that DooDoo hate

Sales of Koof gone sky high today! said...

Also i hate girls with mash up feet! So busted that they look like they could send a text with their toes!

Ginger Kid said...

I hate white, black and asian people

MistaJam said...

I hate people who walk in front of you just that little bit too slowly and won't let you pass. I WANT TO PUNCH THEM IN THE HEAD.

I hate people who dig out their nostrils on public transport. In your car, you're nasty but hey, it's your car. On the train/bus/tube - expect to get a size 13 upside your nostril if that bogey comes anywhere near me.

Finally, I hate people who enforce "rules" when they feel like it, but then blatantly break those rules when they choose to. Either rules are rules or they're not - stop being hypocritical or expect to feel my wrath.

Ah, that's better. Thanks Illsun. I reckon a weekly vent sponsored by Haterade on this blog is called for.

Anonymous said...

I hate when u voice your opinion on something someone calls you a hater. No muthafucker its my god dam opinion.

I also hate gettign up early, coming to work and sitting my my ass in a dead end job until uni starts again and I can use my brain again.

I hate smelly people on the tube, or when Im sat down and some fat dude comes and just takes up all the space.

Or when people step on my brand new jordan 1, with OG colourways. either on the street or in the tube

I hate

MistaJam said...

@GK - Join the BNP. I joined last year and we'd happily have you down at one of our meetings. We basically hate everyone, even ourselves.

FRZI said...

I also hate women that tease...have no love,time or tolerance...

Anonymous said...


Pop Lock and Drop said...

What do I hate ? See the entire contents of my blog for details

NO-BIZZI said...

This could get messy guys...

Ginger Kid said...

Biz hates people with disabilities...

brazen said...

good blogging!

I hate people that arrange to do something but when you call and/or text them they don't respond, they cancel by simply ignoring you.

If you're gonna cancel fine...but at least have the balls to tell me so I can invite someone else!

I also hate diarrhea

Sales of scales gone stale! said...

I HATE ex girlfriends, especially when the thought of them pops in my head when im trying to wrestle the one eyed warrior! Flops the game in a big way.

Powderman Dan spread food to the fam! said...

I hate Rio Ferdinands pigeon lip

Anonymous said...

I hate Mike Ashley and Dennis Wise

Anonymous said...

i hate the gays

MistaJam said...

I hate Whoopi Goldberg's lips

clav said...

Now isn't this cathartic everyone? lol

NO-BIZZI said...

I hate the rolls on timbalands neck!

Ella said...

I HATE my job. I know it's part-time and it pays, but I HATE it.
I HATE the customers,
I HATE my manager, I really-really dislike some of the other sales assistants.
I HATE having to make up excuses to customers as to why their size 22 behinds can't fit into the size 12 skinny jeans-just to keep em sweet.
I HATE retail!

God I can't wait to graduate so I can design the sh*t rather than sell it.

*quietly cries in a corner*

yeahisaidit said...

i hate:
*michelle heaton
*men that sit with their legs too far apart on public transport taking up 1 and a half seats to try and allude to a large penis when in truth this is likely to mean the opposite
*everyone that works for carphone warehouse, Sky, BT or Islington Council
*people that cough without covering their mouths
*grown adults who run for a seat when the tube arrives
*fat people
*fat people with double buggies
*the man upstairs who has loud sex and lives alone
*Agyness deyn
*the daily mail
*bitter anons
*Finsbury Park
*the very top or very bottom of oxford street
*people that smell of urine/shite or BO
*fake uggs
*cubic zirconia
*acrylic nails
*girls who you knew through your whole childhood as Tochi, who suddenly become Pamela
*People called Malcolm
* gyneacomastia
* the whole of Charing Cross Road, Catford, Wood Green and Basildon
*Comic Sans
*fax machines
*ricotta cheese
*the unemployed
*bendy buses
*lollo rosso lettuce
*most people under the age of 18
*most people over the age of 18

i have to stop as this is making me incandescent with rage.

yeahisaidit said...

and Heelys
and Crocs
and those weird plastic bra straps girls wear to make you think they are not wearing a bra
and sniffers

Booga said...

I hate men who try to talk to me as soon as I pass. I'd rather just be left alone, but if someone really must say something to me, they could at least say it to my face. AND they could at least form a coherent sentence instead of shit like "pssst, psst. aye!"
I hate people who zigzag allover the sidewalk texting or with (?)vertigo or something.
I hate my neighbor who apparently doesn't have shit to do, because everytime I go outside the fucktard is staring over.
I hate evangelists who won't take No thanks for an answer.
I hate evangelism.
I hate the way people act like women should be like dolls- immaculate and plastic, harmless and empty-headed.
People who try to get me to eat (or eat more) when I'm not hungry (anymore).
People who drink 900 calorie beverages and complain about their weight.
Floppy or mushy arms.
The positive thinker in my morning class who tries to "turn around" everything I say into something more positive, even if what I said was neutral, or in fact already positive. Drop the act, sunshine, your ultra sacchrine routine makes me nauseous!
People, especially men assuming I don't know something and overexplaining, unneccessarily explaining, or trying to put me onto game.
When my male friends date stupid or boring, insecure women who I have to indulge or have her see me as some kinda adultress (falsely).
Philipino food.
people who sit RIGHT next to me on the bus, train, bench, etc. when there's plenty of space elsewhere.
I really could go on much longer. WHEW!

yeahisaidit said...

(sorry, the floodgates have opened)

*people that clap when a film ends or plane lands
*people that use the toilet on a plane on a flight lasting an hour
*daisy lowe
*everyone at Paper nightclub
*sian lloyd
*people that read a magazine while on any machine at the gym
*people that buy a big mac meal, make it large, add on an apple pie then get a diet coke
*james corden
*people that ask you if you are in the queue for the cashpoint just because you aren't bumming the person in front and are trying to give them a little privacy
*security guards that follow me round in shops(i earn ok money, i shop here all the time, fuck the fuck off)
*jd sports
*those shitty little chicken shops that fry a pigeon to shit and then sell them to retardo kids after school who then discard the rancid bones on the floor with the 'MMMMMM, TASTY CHICKEN' box with overzealous abandon
*the 237 people that offer me a London Lite on the way home from work when i am clearly looking for a bin to get rid of the one i have
* the words 'wha gwan baby love'
*back fat
*people that put on 'the voice' to prove they are ill
*loose women
*BPT- if it's going to be 9.30, dont suggest meeting at 9

Pop Lock and Drop said...

I hate a lot of shit, but I have nothing but pure unadulterated love for yeahisaidit.

Booga said...

yeahisaidit- I'm with you on the gym readers. They always pedal so slow that's it's really not even worth it. I also hate ppl who wear makeup at the gym, talk on their cellphones at the gym, interrupt my workout with lame attempts at conversation, ppl who lift too light and stay on the same machine (inner and outter thigh ones esp.) FOREVER. people who hawk loogies in the gym shower, ppl exfoliating in the hot tub and other sheer nastiness

Anonymous said...

lol yeahisaidit has gone on a mad one! i'm in a foul mood so i'm gonna let it all out!
I hate:
-people who SHOULD be botherin when they know i'm goin to uni saturday but don't!
-gettin up early
-joss stone
-most kids
-when people don't txt bk!

there is more? but that'll do for the meantime

*William Adam said...

i hate butters people

Shenanigan said...

Walking into a club and your in a sea of flannel?(there are other options) People continuously fucking up/over using trends. Hate the music to the Lloyds advert it makes want to die. I don't appreciate air. Overall I hate rudeness. Someone that makes me wish I didn't have home training, so I would not envision my foot up their ass

Ginger Kid said...

Calm down ladies...

Anonymous said...

let it out ladies, just let it out

yeahisaidit said...

last one- adverts:
*picture loans (if i hear Josh, Dad's found your scooter one more time, so help me god, I will hunt that geordie down and shove said scooter up her special place)*touch and fresh (with the annoying little kid who has done a poo and it smells. one word. adoption)
*tampax- do you really need an advert to make you buy these? it's like advertising eyelids.
*the clover butter adverts with everyone crying. Yeah, i'd cry too if i came home from work and all my stay-at-home-wife had made me was a sodding jacket potato, but still, it's only butter.

WOWPOP said...

i hate the fucking stupid women behind me filing her nails its driving me mad and im about to go into cardiac arrest.

i also hate my egg and bacon sarni my mom made me for work today, well to salty for my liking.

WOWPOP said...

back fat i love that one lolsssssssss i get ya..

yeahisaidit said...

*(i reciprocate the love to pop lock and drop.

I think we should unite our hatey little minds and maybe say what we really think...)

FRZI said...

i fucking love you all...such amazing hate...yeahisaidit & booga excellent hate...

Pop Lock and Drop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pop Lock and Drop said...

@Yeahisaidit: Lets actually do it. Message me and we'll talk buisness. I can see it now. It'll be like Girl Power 2.0 but with more shit jokes, and less union jack dresses.

Booga said...

Aw thanks frzi.
List of things I DON'T hate
-other good things

yeahisaidit said...

second that booga and frzi you can do no wrong.

poplock&drop, je suis un dumbtardo, can't find your addy. message me.

love hater, hater of love

Pop Lock and Drop said...

The links on my page under the bit that says "My web page...?"
Sorry, I promise this is the last comment.

Booga said...

P.S. pop lock and drop- I checked out your site- superb hateration I must say. If you and yeahisaidit did a collabo, that would be "tops"

yeahisaidit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Booga said...

<---confused. Wha? So isn't what? or is that directed at pop lock and drop?

colinhu said...

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Booga said...

colinhu- are you an esl student? I'm just sayin'. Your syntax is a little awkward homes, I feel like something got lost in translation. I'll be sure to check out richromances because there is nothing I love more than SPAM

yeahisaidit said...

lol @ booga, and colinhu, translate this my friend:

Nobody gives a flying fuck.

Good Day x