Banksy does New Orleans

There are images up everywhere from Banksy's trip to New Orleans and I still think he's a genius - cop the images here.

The real reason that I'm posting is that as I type this Hurricane Gustav is heading through New Orleans - three years on from Katrina. I watched a lot of footage last time around and the effect it had on the residents and I have to say that it was terrifying stuff.

As useless as my thoughts are in this situation I pray that it doesn't cause the same destruction as Katrina.


yeahisaidit said...

R.I.P the highbury work of banksy

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

I was gonna post this. its dope.

Has anyone seen the film about Hurricane Katrina that Spike Lee directed... 'When The Levees Broke'?

Its a touching film. Some people may cry if they watch it.

Check the synopsis here:

SPECKS said...

the New Orleans collection is some of his finest... simply when put into further context, banksy is on point.

watched 'when the levees broke' with biz one time. was some serious viewing. deeeeep.

NO-BIZZI said...

good shout Dels

the film is unbelievable.

It has a huge chunk with Bubbs from the wire going back to his family home post Katrina...

moving stuff!

Anonymous said...

If you havent done so already check the link below for the trailer to Trouble the Water it won the Grand Jury prize at this years Sundance Film Festival it was shot by an aspiring female emcee and her husband starting the day before Katrina hit and how they survived through and after it had hit.


johnny come lately said...

have you heard the conspiracy that banksy is an alien?